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Les résultats de l'EBI 14 avec Gordon Ryan et Craig Jones

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Voici les résultats du dernier EBI, le tournoi était un toute catégorie avec 2 stars du dernier ADCC, Craig Jones et Ryan Gordon.


Round 1:
Gordon Ryan defeated Dan Borovic by outside heel-hook
Patrick Donabedian defeated Daniel O’Brien by outside heel-hook
Casey Hellenberg defeated Karen Darabedyan by triangle-armbar
Chesseray Childrey defeated Adam Sachnof by kimura
Andrew Kimler defeated Rustam Chsiev in over-time
Aaron Johnson defetaed Matt Kirchwhem in over-time
Marcel Goncalves defeated Travis Moore by one handed RNC
Craig Jones defeated Andy Burke by inside heel-hook

Quarter Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Patrick Donabedian by armbar
Casey Hellenberg defeated Chesseray Childrey by armbar
Aaron Johnson defeated Andrew Kimler by armbar
Craig Jones defeated Marcel Goncalves by inside  heel-hook

Semi Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Casey Hellenberg in over-time
Craig Jones defeated Aaron Johnson by inside heel-hook

Gordon Ryan defeated  Craig Jones in over-time.




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J'adore regarder le grappling mais je ne saisis pas forcément les subtilités.

Bref, quel est la différence de niveau entre L'EBI et L'ADCC? 

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