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UFC signs moonsaulting MMA fighter Michel Pereira

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Michel Pereira said he wanted to be part of the UFC roster following a recent victory that went viral, and now he’s got his wish.

The UFC has signed Brazil’s Pereira (22-9 MMA, 0-0 UFC) to an exclusive, multi-fight contract that will see him competing in the organization’s welterweight division. MMA Junkie verified the signing with Pereira’s manager following an initial report from

At 25, Pereira already has more than 30 fights of professional experience dating back to his debut in December 2011. He’s fought in numerous promotions around the globe, but no win registered more attention than his second-round knockout of Dae Sung Kim at Road FC 52 in February.


Meet Michel Pereira, the moonsaulting MMA fighter aiming 'to become the UFC’s showman'

Video: Road FC fighter busts out ALL of the flashiest moves over and over in one fight

In the course of the action, Pereira pulled out an incredible, unprecedented level of theatrics that saw him fly around and off the cage walls as he attempted to attack his opponent. The video quickly gained traction, and in a follow-up interview with MMA Junkie, Pereira said he vows to bring that same approach to the biggest stage of the sport.

“I have this mentality that, nowadays, the UFC is getting a little boring,” Pereira said. “Bellator, too. Athletes today are very concerned about winning. They think only about the victory. Not me, I think differently. I think about the show. People pay expensive tickets to see something they enjoy watching. Like back in the day, when there was Anderson Silva. Vitor Belfort, Jon Jones, they put on shows. Now, fighters are losing that. They’re focused only on winning, they don’t care what you think about their fights – if it will be good, if it will be bad.

“I think that I have to have a good performance, and the win will come as consequence. … My goal is to become the UFC’s showman. It’s one of my goals, to carry that status: ‘Who’s the showman of the UFC? It’s Michel.’ I want to put on a show for the audience and try to bring this back among the athletes, as well.”

Now Pereira will get the chance to back up his words inside the octagon. A date, location or potential opponent for his UFC debut are not known at this time, but clearly he is excited to have put pen to paper to join the roster (via Instagram):

Instagram Photo

For more on the upcoming UFC schedule, check out the UFC Rumors section of the site.

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