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5 biggest takeaways from UFC London: Jorge Masvidal's 2-for-1 includes '3-piece with a soda'

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What mattered most at UFC on ESPN+ 5 on Saturday in London? Here’s a thing or five …

1. You mickey-fickeys act like you forgot about Jorge Masvidal

All that talk about Darren Till’s big left hand, who knew it was Jorge Masvidal’s that would end up being the fight-ender? Well, maybe Masvidal knew all along. All week leading up to this matchup, even in Till’s backyard, he seemed to be trying to find ways to let us know that you forget about his presence in this division at your peril. Just because he’s been in this sport since the backyard brawling days of Kimbo Slice, it doesn’t mean he’s even close to done.

Let the quickness with which the London crowd fell silent be a reminder to welterweights everywhere. When you invite Masvidal to your homecoming party, there’s a good chance he’ll spoil it all and walk out with the loot.

2. After the party it’s the after-party …

The way Masvidal told it later, he went walking up on Leon Edwards backstage with his hands behind his back to demonstrate his non-threatening intent. Somehow, Edwards must have got the wrong idea when he saw Masvidal coming at him with a what-did-you-just-say look on his face. Imagine that.

The next thing you know, Masvidal is hitting Edwards with “the three-piece and a soda,” and the UFC has a backstage brawl caught by ESPN cameras.

Just how upset about this turn of events is the UFC? Company president Dana White expressed the usual dismay on Twitter afterward, though he seemed to suggest that it was the UFC staff that needed to improve – not the fighters. And if you’re in the business of selling violent animosity, maybe stuff like this just makes your job easier. (See also: McGregor v. Bus, 2018.)

We’ll know the truth of the matter once the UFC decides on a response. Especially if that response effectively doesn’t exist.


Jorge Masvidal def. Darren Till at UFC London: Best photos

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