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Morning Report: Jorge Masvidal calls Ben Askren a ‘fake’ and a ‘coward’, wants to ‘break his f*cking face’

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Since getting traded to the UFC from ONE Championship, Ben Askren has made a splash by ruffling the feathers of nearly all of the top welterweight contenders. The former Bellator and ONE champion came into the UFC calling out everyone he could, from Darren Till to Colby Covington to now-champion Kamaru Usman, trying to pick fights with all of the top guys in the division. That vocal social media presence has irked a lot of fighters, none more so than his next opponent, Jorge Masvidal.

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show recently, Masvidal addressed Askren’s trash talk, saying that Askren is a hypocrite for talking trash with his fingers but not settling accounts with his fists in person.

“He’s like a f*cking 40 year old science teacher,” Masvidal said. “I don’t know why he acts like he’s new age. But he’s like these new age dudes that just f*cking talk. Just talk and talk, and talk about everybody. Shut the f*ck up. Because when somebody sees you in person, you’re not that guy. I don’t come from this technology world. If you say, ‘you’re a f*cking idiot’ or ‘you’re gonna punch me in the face,’ I better be ready for it.

“I’m just not going around disrespecting people. I get taught respect because if not, somebody’s gonna make you respect them. But these guys now grow up with all these little things and can say whatever the f*ck they want. Words carry weight, especially since my kids can read your stupid comments.”

Masvidal had mostly flown under Askren’s radar - that is until he knocked out Darren Till at UFC London in March. Askren had been targeting a bout with Till afterwards, but following Masvidal’s impressive performance, the two men got set to face each other and Askren began to needle “Gamebred” more often, including telling stories about the time he trained with Masvidal at American Top Team, early in his MMA career, where he got the better of the training. Masvidal pulled no punches in addressing the story, calling Askren a coward and a fake.

““If we train, and you come to American Top Team, and I tap you out twice, I’m not going to ever talk about that because that’s not my glory – that’s f*cking training,” Masvidal said. “I don’t give a f*ck about that; I already forgot about that. There’s some people who violate that man-code of gym. He’s that type of p*ssy.

“He’s talking about gym stories. He came over to American Top Team, after I dumped him on his head, we kept wrestling and he out-scrambled me. Yeah, you beat me wrestling. We were straight wrestling. A two-time national champion and you’re proud of that? You’re telling people? That just shows me his character. He’s not who he pretends to be.

“You’re not that person on social media that you portray to be. You’re not. You’re fake as f*ck, you’re selling something to the public that is not there obviously, and you’re a coward. F*ck it, let’s throw that in there too. And if people don’t believe me, tune in July 6th and I’ll show you how much of a coward he is.”

Masvidal will get his change at UFC 239, with high stakes on the line. The winner of his bout with Askren is likely looking at a title fight next, against the winner of the Kamaru Usman-Colby Covington bout that will take place sometime later this year. And given the trash talk coming from Askren, and Masvidal’s inclinations towards people who trash talk him, “Gamebred” is planning on giving Askren much more than a three-piece and a soda.

“I want to break his f*cking face, I want to break his f*cking rib cage,” Masivdal said. “And I don’t want to knock him out early on. I just want to torture that guy, man. If I get the chance to torture that guy for 14 minutes and 50 seconds before I stop him, that’s what I’m gonna do, man.

“I just don’t like this dude. I met him a long time ago, he’s a f*ckin’ prick, man. There’s not too many people that I genuinely dislike – he’s one of them. If I was to see him right now, probably wouldn’t be too friendly of a greeting, you know?”


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Tony’s back?

I Was Offered A Fight Last Week Before #UFC236. Guess Who? That Means I Don’t Need Additional Clearance. Bring It On - Champ Shit Only pic.twitter.com/3lW8UHjxzD

— Tony Ferguson (@TonyFergusonXT) April 17, 2019


Congrats @ovi8!
A Proper Russian.
Great to meet you in Moscow big man, see you again soon!
They can run, but they can’t hide. https://t.co/R14KvFXf22

— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) April 16, 2019

Wait, what?
The @ufc did what?
That’s twice now!
I want plaques before I’m back.
Digital plaques shall do.
Hurry up @ufc, I’ll be here.
And use a good image. https://t.co/Hq1j8GWcg8

— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) April 17, 2019


Hey Champ @alliseeisgold You want to try one MMA fight? Here’s an offer - one fight contract $50,000. No strings attached. We’ll put it on @UFCFightPass

— Chael Sonnen (@ChaelSonnen) April 16, 2019

I’ve made more than that wrestling. Add a zero and call me.

— Jordan Burroughs (@alliseeisgold) April 16, 2019

Set up.

This is a set up @stylebender there is no right answer bruh https://t.co/jscds2hpmx

— Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) April 16, 2019

Angela Magana is currently having some serious medical issues.

Message from Coaching Staff there have complications and they can not wake her up. They are trying many options we will keep you up to date. Thank you for the out pouring of concern and love #TeamLaPerla #

— Angela Magana (@AngelaMagana1) April 16, 2019

What happened to Angela, she herniated a disc while training for fight, she went for a nerve block to continue training. Nerve block caused a rare nuerological disorder, cauda equina, rushed to emergency nuero surgery and hasnt woken since surgery this AM curently in a coma.

— Angela Magana (@AngelaMagana1) April 17, 2019

Angela still unresponsive I will be here in the icu at hospital as nuero team works on this. Remeber lifs is so short and can change in a blink of an eye!

We Love You Magaña
Team La perla

— Angela Magana (@AngelaMagana1) April 17, 2019


One day at a time without a drink or drug I’ve become someone I never thought I could be. Today marks 4,749 days of complete abstinence.. 13 years! #grateful pic.twitter.com/FqxgBH2eOO

— Court McGee (@Court_McGee) April 16, 2019

Back at it.

Boom, roasted.

Tom you have a worse physique than me, I didn’t even know that was possible for a word class athlete. Boom Roasted. https://t.co/yJ2G3DZkIK

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) April 16, 2019


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Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow.


If you find something you’d like to see in the Morning Report, hit up @JedKMeshew on Twitter and let him know about it! Also follow MMAFighting on Instagram, and like us on Facebook!

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