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Special announcement: corona virus: Over the last few days the Jiu Jitsu community world wide has faced a situation that is entirely unprecedented in the history of our sport - the majority of students and schools will have to cease regular training. We all accept that there will be many times we have to stay away from the mats - injuries, family commitments, travel etc etc can all keep us out of the dojo - but this is different, we will all be kept away at the same time despite being physically able to train. I have received a vast number of requests for advice on how to train and improve while unable to attend the dojo. Last night I called the team at BJJ fanatics and jumped on a train to Boston to film a video on exactly that question. BJJ Fanatics will release the video in the next few days (after editing) FOR FREE. It’s yours. I want to do this for the BJJ Community. Jiu Jitsu has given me the best times of my life and now I want to give something back to Jiu Jitsu during the worst time for the sport. One thing I have always loved about this game is the passion and commitment of the people involved in it. Every day I see men and women from all walks of life make incredible sacrifices to get to their Jiu Jitsu goals - this ones for you. The video covers how to train effectively by yourself so that when this crazy time is over and we all get back to the business of snapping limbs and strangling each other unconscious, you are better than you were before this damn virus screwed things up. I cover my favorite solo drills that I use whenever I’m beat up, traveling or just unable to get on the mat. I explain exactly what the link between the solo movement and the actual combat skill along with an actual workout program you can use solo to boost your skill level. Remember - every MOVE in this sport has an underlying MOVEMENT that makes it possible. Without the movement, the move won’t happen. Training your movement skills will enhance your performance of the moves when you get back in action. BJJ Fanatics just needs to edit it and then release in a couple of days. I’m on the train home now, tired but happy - wishing you all the best - stay safe and stay on track

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