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    Interview of Arnaud "The Game" Lepont :"I will always place the role of father before another role"

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][i]Wednesday, July 10[sup]th[/sup], Arnaud « The Game » Lepont had done a training in Gladiator Fight Club in Montreuil, near Paris in France, in which he revealed some of his "specials". It was an opportunity for our to go to meet the character of The Game, and find him out in a different light.[/i][/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]Hello Arnaud, firstable, introduce yourself in a few words for those who doesn't know you.[/b][/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4]My name is Arnaud Lepont, I am now 33 years old and I am a professional MMA fighter for a few years, that is to means that I don't do anything other. I fight for the One FC Network in Asia, and I live in Malaysia, in Kualumpur, where I train today in T-Rex Gym with lot of others champions like the Lumpinee's champion Nontachai Sit O and the former One FC champion Honorio Banario.[/size][/font]

    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][img]http://imageshack.us/a/img842/6852/0c60.jpg[/img][/size][/font][/center]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]Tell us a little about your career from your beginning until today.[/b][/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4]I started very young by the martial arts because I was an unruly child. One day, I had the chance to meet Mathieu Nicourt in coming to Paris and we become freinds. This is among other things one of the people who helped me to build my career, at least initially, taking me under his wing. I made ​​my debut with him in the amateur divisions. I am part of the first generation of FFA fighters with Gary Kono, Arnaud Amoussou, Jo “Speedy” Gonzales. Then we worked together on events such as the GUC. And the logical progression of things is that I wanted to build my own team, Game Factory, with Ousmane Sidibé. Then I started doing back and forth between France and Asia and I finaly skipped the step in setting me in the first time in Vietnam and than in Thailand, where I've fought for Dare FC and from there I took the leap for Malaysia.[/size][/font]

    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][img]http://imageshack.us/a/img138/7493/wi4n.jpg[/img][/size][/font][/center]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]Where did you get the nickname of “The Game” ?[/b]

    Many people think it comes from the American professional wrestler ... that isn't quite false. In fact, when I went to train in Germany, guys doesn't remember my name and I'd got used to doing something when it is very hot : it was to taking a sip of water, spit it on the air and it makes steam, and it looks like the American professional wrestler Triple H. And when I've returned to Germany, guys doesn't always remembered that my name was Arnaud, but they called me The Game. (smiles!)[/size][/font]

    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][img]http://imageshack.us/a/img836/2770/k9ut.jpg[/img][/size][/font][/center]
    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][i](during the training, Arnaud Lepont has spoken with the woman fighter Clemence Schreiber)[/i][/size][/font][/center]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]What are your plans actually ?[/b]

    I will always place the role of father before another role, so my first goal is to succeed me closer to my family who lives in Vietnam at the moment. Professionally, it's still the One FC. Rumors point to an One FC 11 Kualumpur and I live here so why not fight at this event.[/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]What do you think of your last two fights?[/b]

    Shinya raped me! Nothing to say. I will not go back on it. But against Eddie Ng, I really think I was going to win this fight because at One FC is not round by round account but considers the entire fight. I made a silly mistake and he responded very well, but it is a very good fighter I have nothing to complain about that.[/size][/font]

    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][img]http://imageshack.us/a/img856/2135/7ck8.jpg[/img][/size][/font][/center]
    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][i](Arnaud Lepont is explaining the triangle choke of Shinya Aoki)[/i][/size][/font][/center]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]Do you have an idea of your next opponent ?[/b]

    The problem is that after having faced Shinya Aoki, I can't deal with "second knifes", it can't be only top fighters. Rumors indicate a match against Kotetsu Boku. If the fight were to happen, I'll be more than happy. I've always been a fan of Pancrase fighters and Japanese fighters so if they call me to tell me that he's my next opponent, I'll have to jump around in my living room (smiles!).[/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]What did you think of the last fight of Anderson Silva against Chris Weidman ?[/b][/size][/font]

    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][img]http://imageshack.us/a/img689/9831/ty1a.jpg[/img][/size][/font][/center]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4]We may hate Anderson Silva because he does all the time his movements, but it made me angry to read everything that people have scored on the internet. The guy is having fun and trying to entertain the fans, nobody wants to review what he had done with Demian Maia. Then it may be necessary to stop criticizing the world's leading fighters...[/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]We will enjoy the surrounding to ask you your opinion about the gym where you've done your training.[/b][/size][/font]

    [center][font='times new roman'][size=4][img]http://imageshack.us/a/img6/909/drxi.jpg[/img][/size][/font][/center]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4]We started with Mathieu Nicourt almost 10 years ago, and we really had NOTHING !!! We had gloves for punching bag, but we had this passion to this sport.
    At the time, I'll always remember, there were guys who were afraid of Vivacité Fight Team to everybody and like everything, it has evolved. The fighters get older, and a new generation comes more technical, with a new vision of MMA, and people who take the risk of investing their money.
    Today, I have just visited the Gladiator Fight Club and there is not much inferior to large Asian Gyms. If you have such a chance to visit one of the most famous gym in Asia which is called Evole, where trains Shinya Aoki is the same gym. And their octagon is smaller ... They have a little more tatami ! We must, I think, stop thinking that the rooms professionals are thousands of square meters.[/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][b]So I let you the last word.[/b]

    I thank Gladiator Fight Club for inviting me for a training, I spent a quick hello to my sparing partners of the T-Rex Gym.
    You can continue to follow my daily adventures on my fan page [url="https://www.facebook.com/thegamelepont?fref=ts"]Arnaud "TheGame" Lepont[/url], thank [b]IKUSA ([url="http://www.ikusa.fr/"]www.ikusa.fr[/url])[/b] for the interview, and all the French fans, who love me or not, because 'was they that advance the sport among others, in the hope that one day people will realize that "the Game" the character is only marketing.
    I also kiss my wife and my son.[/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4]And I did not come back empty-handed because The Game gave me a T-shirt “Win or Die Trying” :-)[/size][/font]


    [font='times new roman'][size=4][i]“One day, I will tell you a story of one million dollars in a sauna with myself, my friends Cyril Jouvet and Melvin Manhoef, and a pot of cream Albolene...” (Arnaud Lepont)[/i][/size][/font]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][i][u]Crédits photos :[/u] © Swan photography[/i][/size][/font]

    [u][font='times new roman'][size=4][i]Find here the interview in French : [/i] [/size][/font][/u][i][url="http://www.ikusa.fr/index.html/actu/interview/interview-darnaud-the-game-lepont-jaimerai-faire-un-combat-en-france-ou-r2106"]http://www.ikusa.fr/index.html/actu/interview/interview-darnaud-the-game-lepont-jaimerai-faire-un-combat-en-france-ou-r2106[/url][/i]

    [font='times new roman'][size=4][size=5][url="https://www.facebook.com/Lenoir01"][i][b]Lenoir01[/b][/i][/url][/size] for [i][b]IKUSA ([url="http://www.ikusa.fr"]www.ikusa.fr[/url])[/b][/i][/size][/font]
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