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  1. SIANGBOXING Gym News Thread (for the fans) OCTOBER 15th Huahin GS Stadium Iseenthong+Decalhon+Tewisak 22th Cambodgia fights Josh Palmer+Stephane Celeste 28th TOYOTA vigo cup Tournament 70kg Antuan Siangboxing NOVEMBER 2010 22th Prachuap Loy krathong fights Iseenthong+Decalhon+Tewisak+Smally the joker Provincial Thailand belt 68kg Josh Palmer vs Piathong Keatkhamtorn 22th I-1 World Grand Prix-Hong Kong Antuan Siangboxing 29th november or 04 December / Thailand vs Challenger Series Antuan Siangboxing vs Noppalat Keatkhamtorn DECEMBER 2010 04th King's Birthday Fights Prachuapkirikhan Iseenthong+Decalhon+Tewisak+Smally the joker 26th to 30th Z1-World Muaythai Series Malaysia 8 tournament 51 kg Leo siangboxing + Smally the joker(Super fight) 8 tournament 67 kg Antuan Siangboxing 8 tournament 73 kg Tomas sit chaijaroenpon Z1 international champion title Khamlayok Siangboxing vs Rudolf Durica
  2. the face with antoine pinto
  3. the face thailand with antoine pinto
  4. victor pinto for venum
  5. 10 fight 10 - Trailer
  6. #thefacethailand #antoinepinto
  7. #10fight10 #teampinto #antoinepinto #boxing
  8. the face thailand with antoine pinto

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