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BJJ Match Study: Marcelo Garcia vs Kron Gracie

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Support my work at - https://www.patreon.com/AyrshireGrappler BJJ Match Study: Marcelo Garcia vs Kron Gracie Event: ADCC Weight Class: 77KG Stage: Quarter Final Date: 2009 The Copyright for the original match footage; belongs to ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club). Footage Source: Wim Marcus https://youtu.be/ebujdnSwlR4 Original Song (Mash Ups): Rick Astley Vs Sound Dimension, Mashup by Jonny Pearson https://youtu.be/UBxXUMPgD5U Robin hood Vs Jurrasic 5 - What's Golden by John Crick https://youtu.be/15mjr-medW4 Candyman Hip Hop Instrumental by LiteMoka https://youtu.be/6BJ7AdwutRg More information on Dummy Sweeps here: Garry Tonon - Dummy Sweep Breakdown by GambleDub https://youtu.be/ymtRMD3y1L8 Video Game Assets: Ryu vs Zangief Street Fighter 2 (Super Nintendo) streetfighter.com

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