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  1. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Henry Cejudo needs to defend the flyweight title in his next fight or he won’t be able to call himself ‘Triple C’ any longer. The reigning two-division UFC champion is currently in recovery after undergoing shoulder surgery following his TKO against Marlon Moraes that earned him the bantamweight title back in June. Lately, Cejudo has been calling for fights against just about everybody including former featherweight champion Jose Aldo, former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz as well as Urijah Faber, who just recently returned from a three-year retirement from the sport. One name that Cejudo hasn’t mentioned, however, is top ranked flyweight contender Joseph Benavidez and that is exactly who the UFC wants him to face when he’s healthy again. “Right now, we have some things playing out at 135 pounds. What we’d like to see Cejudo do is defend his title against [Joseph] Benavidez,” UFC president Dana White said on Tuesday night following the latest installment of the Contender Series. “Benavidez is ready. “It’s the right thing to do. If he can’t, then he needs to give up one of the belts.” Cejudo dubbed himself ‘Triple C’ after claiming championships at both bantamweight and flyweight, which complimented the gold medal he won at the 2008 Olympics. He’s continued calling himself by that nickname ever since but if Cejudo wants to maintain his triple championship status, he’s going to have to face the last fighter to hand him a defeat or risk one of his belts being stripped away. Cejudo last defended the flyweight belt back in January when he demolished T.J. Dillashaw in just 32 seconds. “He needs to defend that [flyweight] title,” White said. “First of all, we’re playing some things out to see who’s going to be the next challenger at 35. “Benavidez is ready to go. He deserves it and he’s got a win over Cejudo.” Benavidez has been calling for the flyweight title shot ever since Cejudo won the belt with a victory against former champion Demetrious Johnson. Most recently, Benavidez dispatched Jussier Formiga by second-round TKO to bring his current winning streak to four with a 9-1 record overall in his past 10 fights. Now it looks like Benavidez is going to get his shot at flyweight gold one way or another as he awaits word from Cejudo once he’s healthy enough to fight again. Afficher l’article complet
  2. Anthony Pettis | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting It didn’t look good for Anthony Pettis after going three action-packed rounds with Nate Diaz at UFC 241, but his outlook for the near future is better than expected. Immediately after his fight this past Saturday, Pettis limped out of the cage, showing the effects of an apparent foot injury that was later confirmed to be a break by his team. The official medical suspensions also mentioned a possible orbital fracture and that Pettis could be potentially sidelined for six months barring clearance from a physician for his injuries. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Pettis’s coach Duke Roufus said that his fighter has received good news and is not expected to need surgery or any further procedures to address his foot or orbital injuries, and that all Pettis has to look forward to is a period of rest and recovery. Roufus also mentioned that Pettis had some pre-fight maladies that he battled through due to the importance of the Diaz fight. This was Diaz’s first fight in three years and he defeated Pettis by unanimous decision in his return. After Pettis had a leg kick checked in round one that caused him to stumble, it was noticeable that his movements were somewhat limited, but Roufus put those worries to the back of his mind because that’s what Pettis told him to do before the fight. Last October at UFC 229, Roufus called for a corner stoppage after the second round when it appeared that Pettis had injured his hand against Tony Ferguson. Heading into the Diaz matchup, Pettis had Roufus assure him that he wouldn’t throw in the towel under any circumstances. “He didn’t tell me about the injury at all during the fight because he didn’t want me to stop the fight,” Roufus said. “He told me before the fight, ‘Don’t stop this fight, coach.’ And that’s a problem I’m having with my guys now. I stop the fight and now they lie to me and don’t tell me any injuries. Sergio Pettis did the same thing in Milwaukee [against Rob Font], lacerated his cornea in the first round of that fight and he fought the whole fight with one eye. “So that being said, Anthony broke that foot on that check where he fell down. That’s where he broke the foot and I was wondering the whole fight why he couldn’t just do certain things. I wanted a straight right hand, an elbow even. He couldn’t push off, he couldn’t kick, now I understand what he was doing.” Roufus added that Paul Felder, another Roufusport standout, also refused to show any sign that he couldn’t continue when he broke his arm against Mike Perry at UFC 226 in July of last year (Felder went on to lost a split decision to Perry). Both Pettis and Felder have a close relationship with Roufus and the only real sign of discomfort they gave him was to bury their heads in his chest between rounds, just to distract themselves from their injuries. Making sure to give praise to Diaz, Roufus did not point to Pettis’s injuries as an excuse for the loss and noted that “I think Diaz has arrived.” He also commended Diaz for his professionalism all throughout fight week. Regarding his fighters requesting that their coach let them gut it out under the worst circumstances, Roufus described his working relationship with both Anthony and Sergio Pettis as “unique.” “I’m friends with all the people I train with,” Roufus said. “It’s different with the Pettis’, they’ve been with me the longest. They’ve been with me through three gyms and locations. So I have a unique relationship with them. “I mean I’m close with them now, we’re very tight, but he said, ‘We gotta let this one play out.’ And I was confident that he was giving Nate some good shots too. He rocked him with some shots to the head, rocked him to the body, it was a donnybrook.” Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Nate Diaz and Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 in Anaheim, California, on Aug. 17, 2019Pettis has acquired a laundry list of setbacks, with both in-cage and training injuries to his foot, orbital, hand, ribs, and knee. Currently in his 12th year of pro competition, one has to wonder if there’s a point where there are legitimate concerns about how long his body will hold up fighting at this level. In the last three years, Pettis has fought the likes of Diaz, Ferguson, Stephen Thompson, Dustin Poirier, and Max Holloway (“When you’re at the top of the sport with these guys, all those names, that’s a murderer’s row,” Roufus said when those names were mentioned. “A lot of future Hall of Famers right there.”), all world champions or title contenders, and Roufus believes that it’s just the nature of the game that a fighter is going to wear down when facing nothing but elite opponents. “I went through the same thing with my career, that’s why I can kind of help him navigate these situations,” Roufus said, referencing his own time as a competitive kickboxer. “I had a point in my career with my right hand, it was fried. I had a terrible rib cartilage injury that I sustained. I think a lot of guys are getting injured in these fights or I think a lot of guys fight through them all the time, because I went through it. It’s how you make a living. “We’re fighters—or I was a fighter—They’re fighters. They don’t have a day job, there’s no pension in the UFC or Bellator. So a lot of the time these guys are fighting not at 100 percent because that’s how they feed their families or monetize their skills.” All that Pettis can do now is wait for his injuries to heal up, a situation that is all too familiar to the 32-year-old welterweight. Health-permitting, Roufus and Pettis will talk about getting him another fight before the end of the year, something he knows fans are looking forward to even though the Diaz fight didn’t go their way. “If healthy, maybe December, Las Vegas,” Roufus said. “Here’s the thing, did he get the win? No. But man, you love to watch this guy fight. There’s something about his skills and most of the guys I train, especially the guys I train full time and a long time, is I try to teach them to be a promoter. That’s why I had a 20-year fight career and until recently I was even offered some fights, and I’m an old guy. Because you know what? I knew what this fight game’s about, entertainment. “Sometimes you don’t win, but you entertain. There’s a lot of people out there fighting careful, going out there sparring, playing the system, kind of what Nate Diaz talks about. That’s why I really relate to what Nate Diaz talks about, these ‘real fighters.’ Not putting anyone down, I’m just saying the brand of fighting that I instill in a lot of my guys, they’re doing well and having great careers and it’s exciting. … I think that’s what’s exciting about Anthony. You’re waiting, ‘will he pull it out?’ He doesn’t win every time, but man, he sure gives the fans some fights.” Afficher l’article complet
  3. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Recently, Dana White announced that he had made a key hire for his overtures in boxing and that Zuffa boxing would be up and running by October. That’s an ambitious timeline to be ready to roll but perhaps even more ambitious is White’s plan for entering the boxing space. For years, White has railed against boxing’s inability to make the best fights happen on a short timeline, if at all. White says that the issue is a fundamental misunderstanding of promotion and that if boxing promoters did things “the right way” they’d see an uptick in money, promotion, and fan engagement. “Right there is one of the biggest problems with the sport of boxing,” White told Helen Yee when asked about the popular heavyweight Tyson Fury’s next opponent, Otto Wallin, a man who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. “You’ve got a guy like Tyson Fury who comes off this amazing fight with Deontay Wilder. It was a good fight, people loved the fight, and people were excited about it, and what happens? It ends in a draw and they don’t rematch. Or they don’t fight one of the other big two. How does that happen? How is that even possible? Again, that’s the sport and it’s one of the really not only bad things about the sport it’s one of the really stupid things about boxing. Everybody wants to fight over their little tiny piece of turf when realistically, if they did things the right way, there’s tons of money for everybody. Everybody would make a lot of money, more fans would get involved, there’d be more media coverage, and the list goes on and on.” According to White, the key to success in his boxing venture will be to centralize boxers under one organizational structure, the same way it currently works with the UFC. “It’s the sport and the politics in the sport and it has always been that way and if somebody doesn’t change it, it’s always gonna be that way,” White said. “[We will promote boxers] just like we promote all these guys here. First of all, in boxing there is no brand. I always talk about the machine, the UFC machine we’ve built here, and when we put guys or girls who are talented in the machine, you start to build them and there’s nothing like that in boxing. That’s what I want to build. I would do it just like I’ve done it here.” That may be difficult to manage considering the pay implications. Top level boxers earn significantly higher paychecks than the highest paid MMA fighters and are generally more involved with all aspects of the promotion. But speaking recently to Sports Illustrated (transcript via Bloody Elbow), White said that may be true but the bottom tier fighters hardly make anything and he’d like to bring a pay structure like the UFC’s to boxing, where everyone benefits. “The fighters get paid,” White said. “Everybody gets paid. Everybody is being paid, and it’s not just the top 2-3. Everybody on the roster — I got over 600 guys that are getting paid and making a living and feeding their families and buying houses and cars and all these other things.” “Now when you look at boxing, a handful of guys make crazy money, and that’s the way it’s always been built. And then you have thousands of people that don’t. So I think that we can create a pay system [in boxing] that benefits everybody,” White continued. “There still fights out there where you just turn pro and guys are making $400 to fight. $100 per round and things like that. You got guys fighting for world titles for $10,000 and $15,000. That’s what I want to fix.” Well, he won’t have to go far to find willing participants. A number of current UFC fighters have shown an interest in competing in the boxing realm. White though, is less keen on that idea than you might think, though he admits it’s not out of the question. “I don’t love it,” White told Helen Yee. “I don’t love the idea of guys crossing over because these guys that box, these four big heavyweights we’re talking about, they’ve been doing it their whole life. These guys are really good, very talented athletes. They would get killed in MMA and these guys would probably get beat up in boxing so I don’t love the idea but we did Mayweather-McGregor so I guess I can never say never anymore.” But even White is able to admit that this may all be a pipe dream. Despite his plans and hopes, White concedes that at the end of the day, Zuffa Boxing might fail. “It is what it is,” White said. “I’m not acting like I’m Mr. I’m-Gonna-Come-In-And-Save-Everybody-And-Fix-Everything. I don’t know if it can be fixed. It might be so broken that it can’t be fixed. I don’t know the answer to that but we’re gonna try.” MUST-READ STORIES Results. Philip Rowe lone contract winner after thrilling main event on Tuesday Night Contender Series. Fight. Jorge Masvidal accepts Nate Diaz’s challenge: ‘It’s a fight that the fans want’. Beware. Ronda Rousey shows off gruesome injury where she nearly lost a finger filming ‘9-1-1’. Comeback. Conor McGregor: Nate Diaz’s win was motivating for ‘my own comeback’. VIDEO STEW This is an MMA News show. Road to UFC. Fight Motion. Paulo Costa beefing. Tattoo artist reacts to MMA tattoos. Rough for all the fighters. And super rough for every tattoo artist who have no idea what the Souther Cross is. LISTEN UP Eurobash. An in-depth interview with Paul Felder. Anik & Florian. Recapping UFC 241 and all the fallout from it. SOCIAL MEDIA BOUILLABAISSE Conor. Remember when Dana was claiming Nate was like five weight classes too big for Conor? Internet, do your thing. Shaq pic.twitter.com/Or5CiPeGIu — Nathan Diaz (@NateDiaz209) August 20, 2019 Hell of a fight. Done deal! Oct 26 we will find out who the best MMA grappler on planet earth is. pic.twitter.com/mzExZDg7MK — Ben Askren (@Benaskren) August 20, 2019 So much for saving the flyweight division. Henry got fights with everyone that’s not Joe B. This is a PSA message brought to you by Triple C. “Where’s Waldo?” @josealdojunior pic.twitter.com/exf2OlGGiY — Henry Cejudo (@HenryCejudo) August 21, 2019 @danawhite @HenryCejudo We accept the challenge. Just say when and where and I’ll be there to beat your ass and add another gnome to my collection! pic.twitter.com/1R8LDttYm1 — Jose Aldo Junior (@josealdojunior) August 21, 2019 Dr. White! Dr. White! There’s something wrong with Henry boi again! It must be all the Number 1 contenders he’s ... •#FunkGotNext #DuckSeasonhttps://t.co/2Y8yr2IOr2 PC: @kamurashops pic.twitter.com/eHhotANFTd — Aljamain Sterling (@FunkMaster_UFC) August 20, 2019 Bend the knee sucker!! — Henry Cejudo (@HenryCejudo) August 21, 2019 When the ref pulls me off you, I’ll bend the knee to ask if you’re alright. I’m a good sport — Aljamain Sterling (@FunkMaster_UFC) August 21, 2019 Does TJ know why he’s currently suspended? Cuz, uh, this is just an invitation to get dragged. It’s easy to fall into this line of thinking that the people we admire must be genetically blessed, or have one of the best trainers, or have access to a nutritionist, etc … but reality (and research) reveals a different story. Grit, aka, mental tough...https://t.co/0UUK3gi7FO — TJ Dillashaw (@TJDillashaw) August 20, 2019 Out. These two are insane. Retweet if you think me and @RusHammerMMA should run it back !!! I'm ready if you are !!! pic.twitter.com/BEOqNtchpP — Jason TheKid Knight (@Jasonthekid23) August 21, 2019 November in Boston!! Lets go!!! @bareknucklefc https://t.co/JxkZFiwXfc — Artem Lobov (@RusHammerMMA) August 21, 2019 Never been to Boston.... I'm down with that — Jason TheKid Knight (@Jasonthekid23) August 21, 2019 Congrats. This is a solid one. FIGHT ANNOUNCEMENTS Joe Schilling (4-5) vs. Tony Johnson (8-2); Bellator 229, Oct. 4. Eryk Anders (12-4) vs. Gerald Meerschaert (30-11); UFC Tampa Bay, Oct. 12. Molly McCann (9-2) vs. Diana Belbita (13-4); UFC Boston, Oct. 18. Deron Winn (6-0) vs. Darren Stewart (10-4); UFC Boston, Oct. 18. TODAY IN MMA HISTORY 2004: Randy Couture reclaimed his light heavyweight title in his rubber match with Vitor Belfort at UFC 49: Unfinished Business. This event also featured Yves Edwards highlight-reel flying head kick KO of Josh Thomson. That was the final fight in the UFC’s lightweight division for nearly two years until the division was reinstated at UFC 58. FINAL THOUGHTS Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow. EXIT POLL If you find something you’d like to see in the Morning Report, hit up @JedKMeshew on Twitter and let him know about it. Also follow MMAFighting on Instagram, add us on Snapchat at MMA-Fighting, and like us on Facebook. Afficher l’article complet
  4. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting This is The A-Side Live Chat on MMA Fighting. For this episode, José Youngs is joined by MMAFighting’s own Petesy Carroll as they break down some of the top storylines in the world of mixed martial arts. There is plenty to talk about, so join us at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT on Wednesday, Aug. 21. Some of the topics we can discuss include last Saturday’s epic UFC 241 card from Anaheim, Daniel Cormier’s future in the UFC, Stipe Miocic’s possible first title defense, the violent return of Nate Diaz and the possibility of him facing Jorge Masvidal, Paulo Costa’s title aspirations and more. As always, we’ll post the video window as the event draws near and answer any questions you might have if you post them in the comments below. For the comments you deem the most deserving, please click the “rec” button. Comments in green will get first priority. Please link this page and use the hashtags #TheASide on Twitter when you’re watching to tell everyone you’re taking part with us. Audio-only versions of the podcast can be found on Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher. Afficher l’article complet
  5. DWCS LLC via Getty Images Philip Rowe made sure at least one Contender Series contract was handed out on Tuesday. On a night full of steady, if unspectacular performances, Rowe (7-2) and Leon Shahbazyan (7-2) threw down in the Contender Series week 9 welterweight main event until Rowe finished the fight with an explosive burst in round three. That is it! Phil Rowe ends it early in round 3! Wow! #DWCS pic.twitter.com/ttBCSw5Xmk — UFC (@ufc) August 21, 2019 The conclusion of the bout was a reversal of fortunes from round one, where it looked like Shahbazyan was close to finishing Rowe. After catching a kick, Shahbazyan threw a sharp counter-punch and Rowe was the one who was sat down against the cage in the opening period. Shahbazyan drops Rowe early in round 1!#DWCS pic.twitter.com/XkoG7JT2wN — UFC (@ufc) August 21, 2019 Clearly hurt, Rowe entered survival mode and made it to the end of the round even as Shahbazyan continued to connect with punches. Perhaps that effort tired Shahbazyan, because he was unable to replicate that success in round two. Instead, it was Rowe who backed him up against the cage and after controlling Shahbazyan there, he opened up with a series of straight punches that had referee Herb Dean peaking in for a potential stoppage. Now Rowe has Shahbazyan on his heels!#DWCS pic.twitter.com/y0BC34V6qN — UFC (@ufc) August 21, 2019 Shahbazyan saved himself with a timely trip, only to have the position reversed on the ground. From top position, Rowe focused on staying in control until the closing seconds of round two where he landed several stunning shots. Smelling blood, Rowe came out hot in round three, cracking Shahbazyan with a pair of right hands and then rushing in with more accurate punches to cause Shahbazyan to drop to his knees against the fence and Dean to step in and wave off the bout. At night’s end, Rowe was the only one of the 10 fighters competing Tuesday that was awarded a contract by UFC president Dana White. With former UFC lightweight contender Joe Stevenson shouting instructions, Jamal Pogues (7-2) showed off a well-rounded game to top previously unbeaten Marcos Brigagao (11-1) by unanimous decision in the evening’s co-main event. 30-27 x3!@MMAs_Finest #DWCS pic.twitter.com/2XkaEXhDog — UFC (@ufc) August 21, 2019 From the beginning, both men came out swinging and it was actually Pogues that got the worst of it at first. He quickly tied Brigagao up and then later scored with a takedown, setting the tone for the majority of the fight. Every time Brigagao thought he might be getting a bead on his target, Pogues ducked down and shot in to put Brigagao on his back. Brigagao showed little in the way of any significant takedown defense. Pogues confidence grew as the bout went on and he made good use of his legs, throwing a flying knee and landing a clean head kick on an off-balance Brigagao. Unfazed by head kicks #DWCS pic.twitter.com/NsNoaThA92 — UFC (@ufc) August 21, 2019 Though Brigagao showed off plenty of toughness, it wasn’t enough to overcome Pogues’ intelligent work and versatility and the outcome was clear when the final buzzer sounded. Steve Garcia’s Contender Series appearance was already off to a bad start after he missed the bantamweight limit by 3.5 pounds on Monday, but he impressed by picking up a first-round finish against Desmond Torres (7-2). The larger Garcia (10-3) stood in the pocket with Torres and both men had some success in the early going, showing an eagerness to throw down and find a finish, no doubt looking to impress the UFC brass at cageside. It was Garcia who managed to close the distance and pour on the pressure, unloading on Torres against the cage and finishing with elbows on the ground. Steve Garcia ends it in round 1!#DWCS pic.twitter.com/azsX8h7WVQ — UFC (@ufc) August 21, 2019 Post-fight, Garcia apologized for missing weight and asked that White give him another chance, possibly as a short-notice replacement on a future card. White praised Garcia’s performance later in the evening and suggested that the 27-year-old move up to featherweight so the UFC can take another look at him in the future. In a spirited, if somewhat sloppy strawweight bout, Mallory Martin (5-2) got the better of Italy’s Micol di Segni (7-3), winning a convincing unanimous decision after three energetic rounds of action. Dominant!@MalloryyMartin gets the UD win on #DWCS pic.twitter.com/V8EX3n8kBL — UFC (@ufc) August 21, 2019 What di Segni lacked in technique, she more than made up for in volume as she threw a steady stream of 1-2 combinations. To Martin’s credit, she consistently answered with counter-punches and scored a takedown in every round. Di Segni absorbed strikes on the ground, but defended well overall and was able to get back to her feet. Still, Martin’s grappling neutralized most of di Segni’s offense. Di Segni did her best to find a finish, head-hunting with an overhand right and spinning backfist attempts, none of which caught Martin off-guard as she stuck to the game plan from bell to bell. Ricky Steele (6-0) hasn’t fought since appearing on The Ultimate Fighter 27, a series that he was forced to bow out of due to injury, and in his second brush with the UFC he came out victorious, winning a close split decision Phil Caracappa (8-1). This was a clash of styles as Caracappa aggressively tried to power his way past Steele’s karate-based counters, only to find that Steele was more than comfortable grinding it out in the clinch and on the mat. After a first round that was mostly controlled by Caracappa, Steele clipped him with a head kick to start round two and then caught him charging in with a straight right hand. Stinging strikes by @rickysteelemma down Caracappa #DWCS pic.twitter.com/RZubI5fmD9 — ESPN MMA (@espnmma) August 21, 2019 Round two was the easiest to score, a clear Steele frame, but there was plenty of doubt surrounding the final scores as Caracappa pressed forward and chased Steele for almost the entirety of the three-round bout. Caracappa flurried in the final minute, only to end up on his back with Steele on top at the close of the fight. Stinging strikes by @rickysteelemma down Caracappa #DWCS pic.twitter.com/RZubI5fmD9 — ESPN MMA (@espnmma) August 21, 2019 Complete results from week 9 of the Contender Series can be found here. Afficher l’article complet
  6. Brazilian Octagon girl Jhenny Andrade will become a mother in 2020. | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Jhenny Andrade will soon have to step away from her role as an Octagon girl for the UFC as the Brazilian model announced on Tuesday that she’s expecting a baby. Andrade, who started working as an Octagon girl in 2013, got married to Brazilian youtuber Caio Novaes, a.k.a. “Ana Maria Brogi”, last November. She was named the best ring girl of the year three times at the World MMA Awards. “We were gifted by God. Yes, I’m pregnant. There’s a baby Jhenny or baby Brogui coming,” Andrade posted on her social media. “We’re very happy, may it come with health and lots of love.” Despite the pregnancy, Andrade says she won’t stop releasing YouTube videos alongside her husband and working for the UFC. “It’s a very special moment in our lives,” Andrade wrote. “We’ll continue shooting many videos so you all have fun on YouTube, and my job in the UFC that I love very much will continue. There’s another fighter coming soon.” Afficher l’article complet
  7. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Jorge Masvidal is more than willing to meet Nate Diaz inside the Octagon. Taking to his newly launched YouTube page, the man known as “Gamebred Fighter” accepted Diaz’s previous call to challenge for his self-proclaimed “Baddest Motherf**cker” later this year. “Nate was right about one thing: I’m no West coast gangsters,” Masvidal said. “I’m from Miami-Dade county. I’m a dirty south goon – damn right, I ain’t no West coast gangster. And I’m ready. I’m ready to put it on the line. I’m so gangster with it, we can do it – besides the 7 percent tax in Cali – we can do it in Cali.” In terms of competition Masvidal (34-13) is coming off a record-setting five-second KO win over Ben Askren at UFC 239 in July. Diaz (20-11), on the other hand, stormed through Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 last weekend, marking his first fight since his back-and-forth war against Conor McGregor in 2016. As for when fans can expect the two pugilists to make the walk to the cage, Masvidal revealed he was hoping for November or December but was hesitant when asked about UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden after declaring New York State Athletic Commission was “rough around the edges.” Aside from that, Masvidal faced the camera to announce the wheels were already in motion for an eventual clash. “We’re just negotiating now,” Masvidal said. “Let’s give the fans the fight that they want to see. Two dogs, locked in the cage, going for the jugular. You know I could get hit with a baseball bat and it don’t mean nothing. The same thing for my rival. You could hit that dude with a baseball bat to the kneecaps and he’s going to keep coming. It’s a fight that the fans want and they’re going to get. I’m going to give it my all, and I know Nate’s going to give it his all. Let’s do it.” Afficher l’article complet
  8. Getty Images MMA Fighting has Dana White’s Contender Series Season 3, Week 9 results Tuesday from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. On the five-fight card, multiple UFC contracts could be up for grabs. Check out the Week 9 results below. Welterweight Philip Rowe def. Leon Shahbazyan via TKO (punches) (R3, :16) Light Heavyweight Jamal Pogues def. Marcos Brigagao via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Catchweight (139.5 pounds)* Steve Garcia def. Desmond Torres via TKO (strikes) (R1, 4:35) Strawweight Mallory Martin def. Micol di Segni via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) Bantamweight Ricky Steele def. Phil Caracappa via unanimous decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) *Steve Garcia missed weight for what was originally scheduled as a bantamweight bout against Desmond Torres Afficher l’article complet
  9. MMA Fighting ANAHEIM, Calif. — UFC light heavyweight contender Dominick Reyes stopped by UFC 241 to preview his upcoming fight against Chris Weidman, give his take on Jon Jones’s performance against Thiago Santos, the possibility of Johnny Walker leapfrogging him in the rankings, Volkan Oezdemir’s recent comments, and more. Afficher l’article complet
  10. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting A middleweight showdown between Eryk Anders and Gerald Meerschaert is currently in the works for the upcoming UFC Fight Night card in Tampa, Fla. on Oct. 12. Multiple sources close to the matchup confirmed the news when speaking to MMA Fighting on Tuesday following an initial report on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. Anders will be making his return to 185 pounds after taking his last two fights in the light heavyweight division. The heavy-handed former University of Alabama football player earned a ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus for his last win where he knocked out Vinicius Moreira just 78 seconds into the fight. As for Meerschaert, the Duke Roufus trained middleweight picked up an impressive submission win in his last outing as he defeated Trevin Giles in early August. Now the submission specialists will look to notch his second win in a row when he faces Anders on October. The upcoming card from Florida will be headlined by a strawweight fight as former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk takes on Michelle Waterson in the five-round main event. Afficher l’article complet
  11. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting For better or worse, the names of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz will forever be intertwined. The UFC stars took part in a two-fight series back in 2016, headlining UFC 196 and UFC 202, which became two of the highest grossing pay-per-views in combat sports history. They split the series, with Diaz submitting McGregor at UFC 196 and McGregor winning a majority decision at UFC 202, but a potentially lucrative third fight has yet to materialize. While McGregor stayed has stayed busy since the Diaz rematch, fighting Eddie Alvarez and Khabib Nurmagomedov in the Octagon and Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring, Diaz just competed for the first time in three years this past Saturday when he won a unanimous decision over Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 in Anaheim, California. Post-fight, Diaz called out current welterweight standout Jorge Masvidal, making no mention of a potential trilogy bout with “The Notorious.” On Tuesday, McGregor wrote an Instagram post in which he congratulated Diaz on the win, explained why he wasn’t miffed at Diaz not calling him out, and then teased that he would be ready should the stars ever align for them to fight again. 3 years to the day myself and this Mexican warrior went to war. Congrats on the win this weekend Nate, it was motivating to see it for my own comeback. I don’t blame you not mentioning me for the trilogy bout post fight, you know what I’m like when I get going. Vicious. I loved the round 3 style from round 1 that you implemented. It’s what I was hoping you would implement for this bout and was glad to see you do it. I’ll be prepared for it when we go again. If we go again. If not, respect always. A war for the ages. No bitch talk. Just real shit. McGregor has not competed since losing a lightweight championship bout to Nurmagomedov last October. The 31-year-old has remained in the headlines due to several run-ins with the law, most recently allegedly punching a man in a bar. Afficher l’article complet
  12. Ronda Rousey media day EL Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey avoided major injuries during her fighting career, but it turns out filming a television show can be even more dangerous than stepping into the Octagon. On Tuesday, Rousey revealed how she nearly lost a finger during her first day of filming FOX’s drama series “9-1-1” where she was added as a recurring character for the upcoming third season. Rousey also posted a graphic photo showing off the injury as she explained what happened when an accident led to her suffering a severe cut on her finger. “So the word is out I nearly lost my finger shooting “9-1-1”,” Rousey wrote on Instagram. “Freak accident, first take of the day a boat door fell on my hand, I thought I just jammed my fingers so I finished the take before looking (I know sounds crazy, but I’m used to live audiences and never showing pain unless I’m supposed to) after a break in the action I told our director the situation and was rushed via ambulance to the hospital where they promptly reattached my bone and tendon with a plate and screws. “I returned to filming the next day and finished my scenes before returning home to recover. Modern medicine amazes me, I already had 50% range of motion back in 3 days.” Rousey is set to appear in several episodes of the FOX drama this year as she returned to acting after spending a year as one of the top superstars in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Initially, Rousey exited WWE to take time off to start a family with her husband, UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. In recent weeks, Rousey has teased a potential return to the ring as a professional wrestler in the future, and with the WWE set to debut their series “Smackdown Live” on FOX in October, it seems like perfect timing considering her new acting gig. Afficher l’article complet
  13. Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports The UFC’s upcoming return to Boston will be headlined by a pair of fights featuring top contenders at light heavyweight and featherweight along with a slew of new matchups confirmed on Tuesday. At the top of the card, former middleweight champion Chris Weidman moves to 205 pounds to face Dominick Reyes while highly touted featherweight Zabit Magomedsharipov takes on heavy-hitting local favorite Calvin Kattar. In addition to those two fights headlining the event, the UFC announced that England’s own Molly McCann will return to action against Diana Belbita, who will be making her Octagon debut after four straight wins on the regional fight scene. McCann has earned victories in her past two fights in the UFC as she looks to make it three in a row against a newcomer in Belbita. Also returning on the card in Boston will be middleweight prospect Deron Winn, who looks to build on his successful debut win as he faces British slugger Darren Stewart. As a protégé of former two division UFC champion Daniel Cormier, Winn seems to have the pedigree to make waves in the middleweight division but he will face a stiff test from Stewart, who has earned knockouts in two of his past three wins. UFC on ESPN 6 has the following bouts confirmed: Chris Weidman vs. Dominick Reyes Zabit Magomedsharipov vs. Calvin Kattar Maycee Barber vs. Gillian Robertson Deron Winn vs. Darren Stewart Daniel Spitz vs. Tanner Boser Molly McCann vs. Diana Belbita Brendan Allen vs. Eric Spicely Randy Costa vs. Boston Salmon UFC Fight Night from Boston will air live on ESPN2 in the United States with the main card scheduled to kick off at 9 p.m. ET. Afficher l’article complet
  14. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Joe Schilling will make the walk to the Bellator cage once again. On Tuesday morning, sources confirmed Schilling will square off against Tony Johnson in a middleweight bout on the preliminary card of Bellator 229 in October. Schilling (4-5 MMA, 23-9 kickboxing), a multiple-time kickboxing and Muay Thai champion, is currently riding a two-fight win streak under the Bellator banner, which includes a decision over Keith Berry and a TKO over Will Morris. Johnson (8-2) was last seen earning a decision over Alton Cunningham during the second week of this year’s Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. This win extended his win streak to four straight, which includes a second round KO win over Mike Ortega at Bellator 183. Bellator is currently slated to take place on Oct. 4 inside Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, Calif. With this latest addition, here is how the rest of the card stands: Andrey Koreshkov vs. Lorenz Larkin Saad Awad vs. Goiti Yamauchi Derek Anderson vs. Guilherme Bomba Anatoly Tokov vs. Hracho Darpinyan Adel Altamimi vs. Salim Mukhidinov Jay Jay Wilson vs. Jorge Juarez Joe Schilling vs. Tony Johnson Afficher l’article complet
  15. Adam Yandiev | @adam_yandiev_boroda, Instagram UFC middleweight Adam Yandiev is out of UFC 242 and could be on the shelf for the foreseeable future. Yandiev announced via Instagram that he suffered a knee injury in preparation for his upcoming bout with Punahele Soriano on Sept. 7 in Abu Dhabi and that he had to undergo surgery to address the issue, of which he shared pictures and video: According to the post, Yandiev’s surgery was conducted in Vienna, Austria. Yandiev (9-1), a former light heavyweight standout in Russia’s M-1 Global promotion, made his UFC debut last September in a 185-pound bout opposite Jordan Johnson. He lost to Johnson by second-round triangle choke submission. It is not known whether officials will seek a new opponent for Soriano. Afficher l’article complet

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