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  1. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Daniel Cormier will never be Jon Jones’ biggest fan. But as much as he might dislike his longtime rival, the former two-division UFC champion refuses to kick him while he’s down. “Seeing him get into trouble again, a lot of people in my circle text me almost celebratory, but that’s not me,” Cormier told ESPN on Monday. “I didn’t celebrate the kid getting into trouble again. I don’t think you should celebrate or dance on someone’s grave in their darkest moments. Because you don’t do that to people.” This past Thursday, Jones was arrested in Albuquerque, N.M., on charges of aggravated DWI, negligent use of a firearm, possession of an open container and no proof of insurance while driving. He was later released from jail, but is due back in court on April 8 to answer for the charges. It’s just the latest in a long line of incidents involving the fighter routinely regarded as the greatest MMA fighter of all time. Despite his personal feelings, Cormier said he’s not going to take cheap shots at Jones while he’s obviously dealing with a serious situation. “Are you a human being, or does this competition take over everything? I didn’t find any joy seeing that man in that situation again because it’s just bad,” Cormier said. “It’s not just him. He’s got daughters. He’s got a fiancée. He’s got so many things at home that are affected by this and affected by his actions and his behavior.” "Ultimately, are you a human being or does this competition overtake everything? I didn't find any joy in seeing [Jon Jones] in that situation again." Even though they are rivals, Daniel Cormier did not celebrate when Jon Jones was arrested again. (via @dc_mma, @arielhelwani) pic.twitter.com/ZlwoWfFkfT — ESPN MMA (@espnmma) March 30, 2020 Jones first faced DUI charges back in 2012 after he crashed his Bentley into a telephone pole, which eventually cost him a fine and a six-month suspension of his driver’s license. Then in 2015, Jones was involved in a hit-and-run accident where he crashed into two different vehicles – including one with a pregnant woman – before fleeing the scene. Jones was arrested and later pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, which put him on probation for the next 18 months. Following this latest incident, Jones will be arraigned on April 8. He has yet to make any public statements regarding the arrest or his pending charges. Unfortunately because this seems to be a pattern of behavior, Cormier doesn’t expect Jones to get scared straight just due to his most recent arrest. “It won’t change,” Cormier said. “It won’t change until something or the people around him change. I think about my rivalry with Jones, and I’m not some black power guy, but as much as I dislike him in terms of personally – I hate him in a lot of ways and I think a lot of it is the wasted talent and potential to be such a massive star. But I hate seeing a young, black athlete in that situation even more than my disdain for him. I don’t like seeing that, cause it’s almost what people expect, and I don’t want that to be the way it is for these young athletes. “I’m watching him and I’m just like, this dude is messed up. You can’t help but feel the kid is just messed up. It’s a sad, sad — it’s like watching Dwight Gooden, Daryl Strawberry and all those guys all over again.” Cormier added that while Jones’ issues could be written off years earlier because he was still in his mid-20s, the same excuse can’t be made now that he’s 32. The way Cormier sees it, Jones is just going to continue down this same path until somebody really makes him pay for his actions. “This kid has a problem,” Cormier said about Jones. “Regardless of how I feel, it’s not going to change until somebody takes a drastic action, and I don’t he’s going to get it in his relationship because — and I don’t want to speak on a man’s personal relationship — but you would think by this point something with that would have happened already with all the issues. The UFC has to take an action. “It’s only going to continue to escalate until it’s something that he cannot recover from.” Afficher l’article complet
  2. Dana White | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting The UFC 249 main event is in jeopardy, but Dana White is determined that the show must go on. With UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov stuck in Russia due to a travel ban because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, his fight against Tony Ferguson may not happen on April 18 as scheduled. The UFC has already tapped Justin Gaethje as a potential replacement to face Ferguson on short notice but nothing has been signed yet. Regardless of Nurmagomedov’s participation or Gaethje stepping up to take on Ferguson, the UFC president promises that he’s still going to put on a show in less than three weeks’ time. “The challenges are that every time I get something figured out, I wake up the next day and the world has completely changed again,” White told the Heavyweight podcast. “Everything that I work hard on the day before, me and my crew, has now fallen apart. It literally just happened to us again today. I woke up today and Khabib Nurmagomedov is in Russia and they just shut down all travel in and out of Russia. “I woke up this morning and the whole world f*cking changed again. So back to the drawing board and we’re figuring this out right now as we’re speaking right now, I have people working on this thing as we speak. Listen, I am absolutely f*cking relentless and I said that this fight is going to go on and it will.” The biggest concern facing White right now is finding a main event that could come close to replacing the highly anticipated showdown between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson. He’s also taking considerable criticism for planning to promote a card on April 18 with almost the entire world shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Despite any reservations about the health and safety of the fighters or staff working a closed doors event, White says everybody involved understands the potential risks and wants to move forward with UFC 249. “We go overboard with everything all the time,” White said about medical precautions taken for the fighters. “Think about this … in the 20-year history that I’ve been involved and before me, there’s never been a death or serious injury. That’s crazy. Cheerleading can’t say that. We go completely overboard with health and safety even before the coronavirus. The health and safety part is nothing new to us. It’s now just trying to be able to maneuver as the world continues to freak out and lose their mind over this coronavirus stuff. All my fighters want to fight. My staff wants to work. Everybody who’s involved in what I’m doing is absolutely willing and able to do this. “The thing is with my fighters, when they’re with me, they’re getting the best medical attention they could possibly get. Better if they were home alone by themselves or whatever their situation is. I’ve reached out to everybody, not just my employees that work for me, but my fighters, too — if them or a loved one becomes ill and needs me, I’m here. I will do everything in my power to help and take care of them. That’s a given always. This fight will go on.” As he continues to work on a location and venue for the event, White will keep details shrouded in secrecy until the time comes when he wants to make an announcement. “A lot of these media guys are absolute and total f*cking scumbags. As soon as you let them know what you’re doing, all they’re trying to do is f*ck up everything that you’ve worked,” White said. “So I literally told everyone of these guys to go f*ck themselves and I’m not telling any of them what I’m doing, where I’m doing it but know this — the fight is happening on April 18, some where on planet f*cking Earth and when you need to know, I’ll let you know.” Afficher l’article complet
  3. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting While it isn’t officially off just yet, it seems that the highly anticipated lightweight title fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson may be on its last legs for UFC 249. The news created a reaction from most in the MMA space, including fellow fighters. See how the pros reacted to the potential cancellation of the originally scheduled April 18 headliner. Carole Baskin is the sole reason Khabib X Tony is in jeopardy. — Darren Till (@darrentill2) March 30, 2020 I'll fight pic.twitter.com/DKpqclZZMr — The Diamond (@DustinPoirier) March 30, 2020 I have https://t.co/PZR4CbxqUc — The Diamond (@DustinPoirier) March 30, 2020 Cleanliness is very important in these times https://t.co/v8DRmhGkjv — The Diamond (@DustinPoirier) March 30, 2020 April 18 I’m free #theresurrection — Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) March 30, 2020 Second time I say yes to the crotch sniffing champ, second time he has a date #theresurrection — Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) March 30, 2020 Start Cutting Weight MuthaFucka!!! — KAMARU USMAN (@USMAN84kg) March 30, 2020 Shut up Ali. Writing tweets for your client. The only thing I’m cutting off is your boys head. Wouldn’t take it on 7 weeks notice he’s not taking it on 2 weeks notice. Clout chasing just like the clout chasing fragile dude. — Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) March 30, 2020 Scale of 1-10 how depressing is this? https://t.co/VzIw5esaPF — King of the Tigers (@Benaskren) March 30, 2020 I want to see this fight SO BADLY. But I want to see it with the crowd going nuts, the lights, the whole production. Some of that production is what makes these fights so incredible! I’m willing to wait for Khabib vs Tony until they can really do it right https://t.co/m4vic5nj76 — Lauren Murphy (@LaurenMurphyMMA) March 30, 2020 Had to check the date and see if it was April 1st, but it’s definitely not. Can’t believe that this will be the 5th time that this fight fell though. Not sure if we should try and make it happen a 6th time, or just accept that this fight is truly cursed https://t.co/Q0659GkfyY — Chase Hooper (@chase_hooper) March 30, 2020 Noooooo!!!!!! https://t.co/GXtxBZ2P4q — michael (@bisping) March 30, 2020 The offer still stands @ufc. I’ll go full Teddy Roosevelt & beat the breaks off @TWooodley live from The @WhiteHouse lawn! Save sports and make it free on @ESPN for the people! Im in such a giving mood I’ll even arrange a tour of the oval office for Tyrone, since Obama never did. — Colby Covington (@ColbyCovMMA) March 30, 2020 @ufc Me vs Qweefington April 18th unless Tony wanna roll back up to his Ultimate Fighter weight for the bag. WW bout won't take no cheese out his LW macaroni. — Tyron T-Wood Woodley (@TWooodley) March 30, 2020 April 18 I’m ready. Let’s fucking go @danawhite @ufc — Chito Vera (@chitoveraUFC) March 30, 2020 Idk what good it is to tweet this but it's a saying if you don't ask you'll never know. @ufc @danawhite @FirstRoundMgmt I'll fight Tony or any lightweight an welterweight on that card!! — Brok Weaver UFC (@BWeaverufc) March 30, 2020 Several high-profile fighters (Poirier, Masvidal, etc.) appear willing and (however) ready to compete on April 18th. Gaethje not known as a short-notice guy and has said as much in the past. Perhaps he was put on notice weeks ago, but still a tough way to enter a Boogeyman fight. https://t.co/HkfemEGmdj — Jon Anik (@Jon_Anik) March 30, 2020 Dana White tryin to keep Khabib vs Tony together pic.twitter.com/gIxvbKhvrp — Dana White (@danawhite) March 30, 2020 Afficher l’article complet
  4. Jessica Andrade is set to co-headline UFC 249 opposite fellow ex-champion Rose Namajunas. | Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting With Khabib Nurmagomedov stranded in Russia and potentially out of UFC 249, the promotion is trying to make sure all fighters currently booked to fight April 19 are in the United States to avoid more hits to the card. The UFC reached out to former strawweight champion Jessica Andrade, who rematches Rose Namajunas in the co-main event of UFC 249 in a yet-to-be-defined location, requesting “Bate Estaca” and her team to leave Niteroi, Brazil, and head to Las Vegas on Tuesday or Wednesday, sources told MMA Fighting. Brazil closed it borders on Monday, not allowing foreigners to enter the country for the next 30 days. That is not effecting flights departing for other countries. Andrade has been self-quarantined at home with a teammate since local government imposed a decree forcing all gyms to close its doors. “Bate Estaca” is training exclusively with Bruna Brasil in her garage, recording or even streaming her training sessions live to coach Gilliard Parana. The 28-year-old mixed martial artist, who hasn’t entered the Octagon since she lost the 115-pound belt to Weili Zhang last August in Shenzhen, told MMA Fighting earlier this month she was willing to compete anywhere in the world. “If the fight is in Brooklyn, Las Vegas or any other place that is safe, I’ll fight,” Andrade said. “I’ve fought in some many different places in the world, even China, so location doesn’t affect much. It’s about taking care of yourself and staying safe. I’m training hard and focused. I’m sure everything will be alright with time, the number of cases will go down, this virus will go away, and then we’ll find out where we’re fighting. God willing, this fight will happen somewhere.” The UFC 249 co-main event is a rematch of a championship fight that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in May 2019, when “Bate Estaca” knocked out then-champion “Rose” with a slam in the second round. Andrade wants to compete, but would be okay if the event ultimately got cancelled. “We are worried because we have families, elders at home, father and mother who live away from us, so our biggest concern is about the human being,” Andrade said. “Financially speaking, I’m fine. Even if the fight doesn’t happen I can get along just fine until my next fight. We’re praying that everyone stays safe and this virus goes away. That’s what really affects us. You see people dying in Italy, and their families can’t even see them, you don’t know where to bury them.” Afficher l’article complet
  5. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting If UFC 249 is moving forward, the promotion has a lot of options. On the heels of the news that UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov may be unable to compete on April 18 due to a travel ban issued in his home country of Russia because of the coronavirus pandemic, several fighters have offered to either replace him or replace the entire main event. The latest comes from former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and former interim champion Colby Covington, who both put out messages asking to fight at UFC 249. Covington had previously tried to land a fight with Woodley after Leon Edwards was forced out of the UFC London main event due to travel restrictions in his home country of England. The entire show was eventually scrapped but it appears Covington is still willing to take the fight on short notice if the UFC wants to put together a new welterweight fight on April 18. “The offer still stands UFC,” Covington wrote on Twitter. “I’ll go full Teddy Roosevelt and beat the breaks off Tyron Woodley live from the White House lawn. “Save sports and make it free on ESPN for the people. I’m in such a giving mood, I’ll even arrange a tour of the oval office for Tyrone since [President Barack] Obama never did.” The offer still stands @ufc. I’ll go full Teddy Roosevelt & beat the breaks off @TWooodley live from The @WhiteHouse lawn! Save sports and make it free on @ESPN for the people! Im in such a giving mood I’ll even arrange a tour of the oval office for Tyrone, since Obama never did. — Colby Covington (@ColbyCovMMA) March 30, 2020 Woodley made the same offer on Twitter while also mentioning that he’d be willing to face Ferguson — if the lightweight wanted to move up to 170 pounds for the fight. “Me vs. Qweefington April 18 unless Tony wanna roll back to his Ultimate Fighteer weight for the bag,” Woodley wrote. “Welterweight bout won’t take no chees out his lightweight macaroni.” @ufc Me vs Qweefington April 18th unless Tony wanna roll back up to his Ultimate Fighter weight for the bag. WW bout won't take no cheese out his LW macaroni. — Tyron T-Wood Woodley (@TWooodley) March 30, 2020 Covington and Woodley have engaged in a very public back and forth over the past few years after previously training together at American Top Team. The heated rivalry never led to a fight, however, but both welterweights are obviously trying to change that. Right now, the UFC is scrambling to save the main event after offering Nurmagomedov’s spot against Ferguson to lightweight contender Justin Gaethje. At this moment, that fight remains in discussion but nothing has been confirmed yet. Afficher l’article complet
  6. Manel Kape captured the vacant bantamweight title at RIZIN's last card in December 2019. | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting RIZIN bantamweight champion Manel Kape is headed to the UFC. Kape has signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC after an impressive 3-0 run inside the RIZIN ring in 2019, sources told MMA Fighting following a report by Combate. Kape most recently fought on Dec. 31, when he won the bantamweight title by knocking out Kai Asakura. "Prodígio" also finished Seiichiro Ito and Takeya Mizugaki last year in Japan. The AKA Thailand talent is the first fighter from Angola to enter the Octagon since jiu-jitsu world champion Joao Roque’s sole appearance against Jens Pulver at UFC 26 in 2000. Kape had an impressive start under the RIZIN banner in 2017 with quick knockouts over Erson Yamamoto and Ian McCall. He then lost back-to-back fights to Kyoji Horiguchi and Asakura. Since then, he’s won three of his past four, racking up a 15-4 record with 14 stoppage wins. Afficher l’article complet
  7. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting If Tony Ferguson needs a new opponent, a former interim lightweight champion is ready to accept the challenge. With reigning lightweight king Khabib Nurmagomedov stuck in Russia due to a nationwide travel ban because of the coronavirus pandemic, the UFC is scrambling to find a worthwhile replacement if he’s unable to compete. Lightweight contender Justin Gaethje has already been tapped as a potential alternative to face Ferguson on short notice but the last man to beat him is also interested in the fight. Dustin Poirier told MMA Fighting on Monday that he was more than willing to take the fight with Ferguson on April 18. He’s already pitched the idea to the matchmakers but at this time no decisions regarding the UFC 249 main event have been made. Poirier had just recently traveled home to Louisiana due to the coronavirus outbreak after he was expected to start his training camp for a possible fight against Dan Hooker at the UFC San Diego show on May 16. Just after returning home, Poirier told MMA Fighting that he was still training to get ready to fight but he wanted to be closer to his family during the ongoing pandemic. “I’m still going to eat clean and run in the mornings,” Poirier said. “I’m about to train here in Louisiana with my buddies. I’m good to go. That’s not really a priority as of right now. I’m just kind of waiting it out, day by day, to see what happens.” After falling to Nurmagomedov last September, Poirier underwent hip surgery to repair some existing damage that had been plaguing him. He was cleared to return to action earlier this year and Poirier has been champing at the bit to book another fight. Now he’s offering to take Nurmagomedov’s slot in the main event at UFC 249, but it remains to be seen what the promotion will decide to do while attempting to save the event. Afficher l’article complet
  8. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov’s loss might be Justin Gaethje’s gain. Early Monday morning, the undefeated UFC lightweight champion revealed that he was stuck in his home country of Dagestan after the Russian government issued a travel ban due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Nurmagomedov had returned home to finish his training camp in anticipation of his fight against Tony Ferguson happening in Abu Dhabi on April 18. Unfortunately, the restrictions may prevent Nurmagomedov from traveling anywhere, which has now forced the promotion to begin looking at alternate plans to fill the main event slot at UFC 249. According to sources speaking to MMA Fighting on Monday, Gaethje has been tapped as a possible replacement to step in on short notice to face Ferguson. At this time, the fight hasn’t been accepted or signed by either fighter but this is the direction the UFC is moving in a last second scramble to try and save the event. ESPN initially reported the news. Gaethje told MMA Fighting last week that he’s been training and attempting to keep his work schedule as normal as possible even in the midst of the global pandemic. “The gyms are closed but I went in, we had four people. Me, Drew Dober and both of our coaches so it was four people in the gym,” Gaethje said. “I think as long as you have under 10 people. I’m not really sure what the rules are. They definitely closed all the gyms to the public. “It’s been pretty normal for me. I go to the office. I have a treadmill downstairs so I can just put the work in on the treadmill. That’s the good thing about fighting. Really, it’s just cardio and it’s easy to get cardio and trying not to get lazy and trying not to eat all the food we got stocked up.” If Nurmagomedov is actually ruled out of the event, it would be the fifth time a scheduled fight against Ferguson has been scrapped. The two lightweights have been matched up four times previously with injuries and weight cutting issues ultimately causing the fights to be cancelled. Now it appears a travel ban in the middle of a global pandemic might doom Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson for a fifth time. In addition to the UFC attempting to secure Gaethje for the main event, a heavyweight fight between Francis Ngannou and Jairzinho Rozenstruik is also in discussion to serve as the new co-main event on the card. That fight was originally expected to take place at UFC on ESPN 8 but the entire card was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. A strawweight fight between former champions Rose Namajunas and Jessica Andrade is still expected to take place at UFC 249 as well. UFC 249 is still expected to move forward as scheduled, although a location for the event has not been determined this time. Afficher l’article complet
  9. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Jorge Masvidal is willing to save the day at UFC 249. While the event is scheduled to take place April 18 in a location to be determined, lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov’s chances to compete against Tony Ferguson have lessened. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nurmagomedov is currently in Dagestan as he was looking to put the finishing touches on his training camp. With a travel ban instituted in Russia, Nurmagomedov revealed in a recent Instagram Live that the UFC is looking for a new opponent for Ferguson to headline UFC 249. After a 2019 campaign that launched Masvidal into a new level of superstardom, “Gamebred” took to Twitter Monday morning to state he is willing to step up to the plate if he’s needed. April 18 I’m free #theresurrection — Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) March 30, 2020 After not competing in 2018, Masvidal returned to the Octagon in March 2019 and knocked out Darren Till in the second round of UFC London main event. The 35-year-old followed that victory up with a five-second knockout win over Ben Askren — the fastest KO in UFC history — at UFC 239. As if the year couldn’t get any better, Masvidal headlined UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden in November and earned a third-round TKO win over Nate Diaz to capture the “BMF” title. Ferguson has been on an incredible run of his own — one that has lasted over six years. “El Cucuy” has won his last 12 fights, which includes capturing the interim lightweight title with a third-round submission win over Kevin Lee at UFC 216 in October 2017. The 36-year-old Ferguson was scheduled to meet Nurmagomedov at UFC 223 in April 2018 but was forced out of the title unification bout after tearing a ligament in his knee. He would return to action a year later to pick up back-to-back TKO wins over Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone. Although UFC 249 doesn’t have a location as of yet, Dana White recently stated that he has “four or five locations” in mind to host the event. Afficher l’article complet
  10. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Few things infuriate MMA fans more than a fight being scored incorrectly, though the term “robbery” tends to be thrown around carelessly and is often steeped in bias. With Robbery Review, we’ll take a look back at controversial fights and determine whether the judges were rightly criticized for their decision or if pundits need to examine their own knee-jerk reactions. UFC 202 marked Conor McGregor’s most-watched triumph as he earned a decision over Nate Diaz to avenge the first, humbling loss of his UFC career. It was a rematch that McGregor demanded and by beating his rival, he restored much of the hype that had been dented by Diaz. Recently as part of ESPN’s “UFC Day,” the network ran a flashback feature on the Aug. 20, 2016, bout as opposed to showing it in its entirety, so it falls upon us at Retro Robbery Review headquarters to properly look over the footage and ask whether McGregor truly did enough to even the score with Diaz that day. What was the official result? Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz via majority decision. How did the fight go? Much better than the first one did for McGregor, that’s for sure. There would be no second-round submission this time, whether it was due to McGregor being more efficient with his energy or respecting Diaz’s toughness more. He’s still in Diaz’s face, but he’s not headhunting. He’s dodging in and out, light on his feet, wary of Diaz’s length. About 90 seconds in, McGregor lands that signature left and moments later, another one that causes Diaz to stumble. It’s worth noting that Diaz throws plenty in round one himself, but the knockdown as well as several more emphatic head shots appear to make this an easy frame to score for McGregor. The same could be said in the second as McGregor scores another clear knockdown less than 30 seconds in. Diaz gets dropped again moments later. If he’s trying to trick McGregor into jumping into his guard, he’s sacrificing the opening rounds to do so. If he’s looking for McGregor to tire himself out again, well, he might have something there. Diaz comes on strong in the final two minutes and he is peppering McGregor against the fence. It’s at this point you start to wonder if we could see Diaz get the finish again, just one round later this time. A visibly tiring McGregor does his best to match Diaz’s aggression in the third, but Diaz is starting to wear him down in the clinch. McGregor fights his way out of it and lands some hard shots up top that back Diaz up again. Still, Diaz is all smiles and soon we find out why. Diaz ties McGregor up again and pushes him to the fence. McGregor doesn’t power out this time, rather he leisurely strolls away from Diaz. Diaz walks him down and he’s landing cleanly now, brushing off McGregor’s shots. In the last 45 seconds, Diaz unloads on McGregor, battering his head and body against the cage until the buzzer sounds. The pace has slowed for both men, but McGregor is still scoring. Now it looks like it’s Diaz who’s conserving his energy for a big finish. McGregor refuses to be bullied in the clinch and he sneaks in a few power shots as Diaz continues to land with volume. This is the toughest round to score so far. McGregor is again in retreat mode early in the fifth, looking to conserve his energy. When he throws, he’s connecting, but the same could be said of Diaz. McGregor gazes upwards to check the clock on multiple occasions. Tired as McGregor is, he stops a deep Diaz takedown attempt. He walks away with his hands on his hips, drawing the ire of the crowd. It’s here you can start to see the argument for Diaz being the better man in the fight. He buries McGregor against the cage for much of the round and scores a takedown in the closing seconds. A clear fifth round for Diaz. What did the judges say? Derek Cleary scored it 48-47 McGregor. Jeff Mullen scored it 48-47 McGregor. Glenn Trowbridge scored it a 47-47 draw. Not much controversy here as all three judges scored the rounds the same as far as who won them, with McGregor taking rounds one, two, and four, and Diaz winning rounds three and five. Where judge Trowbridge differed was in his scoring of the third frame. He felt that Diaz’s sustained offense—and one could argue, near-finish—of McGregor in that round was enough for Diaz to be awarded a 10-8. What did the numbers say? (Statistics per UFC Stats) If you want to understand why the Diaz army feels it has a case for its boy to have claimed a win over McGregor, there are threads to pull on when you look at the stats. In total strikes, Diaz blew McGregor out of the water by a margin of 252-197. Diaz not only out-landed McGregor in the third and fifth, he actually beat McGregor 51-36 in the second round; however, in that same round, McGregor was credited with two knockdowns, which all but guaranteed the judges would score it in his favor. McGregor also scored a knockdown in round one, a five-minute stretch that was McGregor’s best in the fight as he out-struck Diaz 34-25 (the total and significant strike stats were identical in round one). Diaz’s monster third round saw him lap McGregor in total strikes 79-37. Just counting significant strikes, the fight is much closer on paper. Diaz still has the edge, but it’s almost non-existent at 166-164. Going round-by-round only muddies the waters further as Diaz had a significant strike advantage in rounds two and three, but McGregor actually won the other three including the last round. According to the numbers, Diaz had more total strikes in round five (49-34) but McGregor had more significant strikes (24-19). With that said, you can see how McGregor fans are comfortable supporting the actual result as well. What did the media say? (Data derived from MMA Decisions) Of the 19 outlets tallied on MMA Decisions, 14 scored the fight for McGregor, one for Diaz, and four called it a draw. What did the people say? Per MMA Decisions, 46.8 percent of voters saw this contest in favor of McGregor by a score of 48-47. The next highest results were 13.5 percent in favor of Diaz (48-47) and 10.2 percent leaning towards a draw (47-47). In an on-screen graphic shown on the UFC 202 broadcast before the cards were read, 65 percent of viewers thought McGregor was the winner. How did I score it? 48-47 McGregor. Look, I get that it’s tempting to take that dominant Diaz third and project it onto the remainder of the fight, especially when you consider the lackluster way in which McGregor ran out the clock in the fifth, but in the moment I still remember being shocked by the second wind that McGregor found for the championship rounds after it looked like Diaz had him dead to rights. The first two rounds are indisputable due to the knockdowns, even given Diaz’s toughness and the fact that at no point did he stop pushing the pace. The eye test doesn’t do Diaz any favors here as he’s never worn fights well from a superficial standpoint and McGregor’s accurate punches really seem to stagger him. Of course, only Diaz knows for sure how damaging those shots were, but I’m still convinced that McGregor was the more effective striker on that night. Was it a robbery? Re-watching the fight, my thoughts were pretty much the same as the first time around. It wasn’t until I looked at the striking stats that I thought twice about the results. In terms of sheer volume, Diaz really was the busier fighter and the numbers reflect that. There are also strong optics in his favor given the way round three ended and McGregor’s self-conscious jogging and glancing at the clock in the later stages of the fight. But three knockdowns are hard to ignore, even if you don’t believe that Diaz was in any serious danger. If you want to say Diaz was close to finishing McGregor in round three, then McGregor was arguably just as close in round two. Either way, there isn’t much of a case for a Diaz win on the cards and only a slightly better one for a draw. The final verdict Not a robbery. Afficher l’article complet
  11. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting For weeks, UFC President Dana White has insisted that UFC 249 and the lightweight title fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson would proceed as planned. But now that’s looking less and less likely. In a recent Instagram Live, the UFC lightweight champion revealed that he is currently stranded in Dagestan. Nurmagomedov had been training in the United States but flew home when the UFC told him the fight would not be taking place in the U.S.. Now, Khabib is back in Russia and unable to fly out due to a travel ban instituted by his home country. “We were training in the AKA without any information regarding the fight, where and how is it going to happen,” Nurmagomedov said (courtesy of RT Sport). “Then the UFC told us that the fight 100% isn’t happening in the States. And they said that 99% that it will happen in Emirates, Abu Dhabi. ”After talking to the UFC we decided to fly over to the Emirates a month before the fight. I don’t remember the exact date, it was 19th or 20th, I’ll have to check. But when we landed in Emirates we learned that they are going to close borders. And no one will be able to leave or fly in, with exception for residents. So we had to fly back to Russia. “Currently I am in Dagestan and I am training and preparing every day. Although I don’t know what am I preparing for. Because after we came to Russia we also learned that the borders are going to be locked. Same like in the States, same like in Europe, Emirates, everywhere. The whole world is in quarantine right now.” The coronavirus pandemic has already forced the UFC to postpone three fight cards but Dana White has been trying to move mountains to make sure UFC 249 takes place. Now, there’s yet another mountain to move for White to pull this off. Or, according to Khabib, the show may just go on without him. ”So now I am hearing that they are looking to organize it with or without me. OK, go ahead,” Khabib said. “Everyone should follow the laws. I am not against it, I know that fighters need to feed their families and pay their bills. I know how hard it is for the fighter. Unless they fight they aren’t getting any money. “I am even hearing that they are looking for an opponent for Tony, because he is in the States and I am here in Russia. But I am here not on my own will. The UFC told me that this fight 100% isn’t happening in the USA, and even if it’s not happening in the Emirates it will happen on this side of Atlantic. We discussed everything with the UFC. By that time I already spent 5 weeks of hard training in the AKA. “Now I don’t really know what’s going on. It’s really hard to train and cut your weight when the whole world is locked down and you don’t know what you are preparing for. But it’s not the first time I face obstacles in my career.” If this does signal the death knell for the lightweight championship bout at UFC 249, it would mark the fifth time a fight between Khabib and Tony has fallen through. But Ferguson is clearly hoping that won’t be the case. The former interim lightweight champion responded to Khabib being in Russia via Twitter. April 18 Is Getting Close @TeamKhabib & You’re Hiding In Russia. Travel Bans Will Not Prevent Me From Whoopin’ That Ass. Don’t Use It As An Excuse To Back Out. You Have Been Sent Many Locations, Send Us 1. Still My Bitch #DefendorVacate MF ️ -CSO- #ufc249 @ufc @danawhite pic.twitter.com/TVQH4mnG2e — Tony Ferguson (@TonyFergusonXT) March 30, 2020 We’ll see if Dana can pull a rabbit out of his hat on this one. MUST-READ STORIES DWI. Police lapel video shows Jon Jones undergoing sobriety tests, being placed under arrest for DWI. Priors. Defense attorneys: 2012 DUI, COVID-19 could throw curveball in Jon Jones case. Send location. Dana White has ‘four to five locations’ for UFC 249. So good. Daniel Cormier: Khabib Nurmagomedov is ‘so good’ that opponents know what’s coming and they still can’t stop him. So bad. Colby Covington explains rift with Joanna Jedrzejczyk. VIDEO STEW The A-Side Live Chat with Michael Chiesa. Fighters reacting to slap fighting. Tony’s debut. Overeem vs. Oleinik. The rise of City Kickboxing. UFC 249 John Wick promo. LISTEN UP Severe MMA. Discussing Jon’s latest incident, Ronda’s legacy, and UFC 249. SOCIAL MEDIA BOUILLABAISSE Wonderboy staying fit. Max staying a treasure. Team work makes the dream work. I know being inside can drive one crazy like wanting to break your controller . Let’s keep up the good fight. Stay home be safe folks. pic.twitter.com/qfp7U9mMTt — Max Holloway (@BlessedMMA) March 29, 2020 For real. I should be fighting today 3/28 in Columbus after 9 months off #fuckingcoronavirus — Francis Ngannou (@francis_ngannou) March 28, 2020 An impressive resume. My Name is Henry Cejudo also known as Triple C. - Youngest Olympic Champion in USA Wrestling history in 2008 * • Two division UFC world Champion (simultaneous) • Youngest Hall of Fame inductee in USA Wrestling history. • Guinness world record holder pic.twitter.com/ToCHxlmOwX — Henry Cejudo (@HenryCejudo) March 30, 2020 This lock down is really leaving fighters with a lot of time on their hands. #horsechallenge #quarantinelife #tiktok pic.twitter.com/owBz3phFyg — Chris Weidman (@chrisweidman) March 30, 2020 Tiger King. Stipe Exotic 2020 #StipeExotic #BigCats #TigerKing #Netflix #SM pic.twitter.com/fzrPt2cetg — Stipe Miocic (@stipemiocic) March 29, 2020 Dana making friends. Hey Canaan Bower u are AWESOME!!! When this Twilight Zone episode is over i would love to meet u https://t.co/voixXpFTxE — Dana White (@danawhite) March 29, 2020 Ed Ruth with the bo. .@EdRuth67 is staying busy with some ninja sh*t during his time off.#AloneTogether pic.twitter.com/Iqkc1vUjRC — Bellator MMA (@BellatorMMA) March 29, 2020 FIGHT ANNOUNCEMENTS N/A. FINAL THOUGHTS It’s time to just accept it: God does not want us to have Khabib vs. Tony. Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow. EXIT POLL If you find something you’d like to see in the Morning Report, hit up @JedKMeshew on Twitter and let him know about it. Also follow MMAFighting on Instagram, add us on Snapchat at MMA-Fighting, and like us on Facebook. Afficher l’article complet
  12. Ilima-Lei Macfarlane | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting This is The A-Side Live Chat on MMA Fighting. For this episode, Bellator champ Ilima-Lei Macfarlane joins José Youngs and Alexander K. Lee to break down some of the top storylines in the world of MMA. There’s plenty to talk about, so join us at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT on Monday, March 30. Please link this page, and use the hashtags #TheASide on Twitter when you’re watching to tell everyone you’re taking part with us. Audio-only versions of the podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and YouTube. Afficher l’article complet
  13. Bellator On Saturday, Bellator ran a free live stream of its entire Bellator 225 show, which took place at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Conn., on Aug. 24, 2019, and you can watch the full replay above. The event was one of the most memorable in Bellator history as it saw all 14 fights end in either knockout or submission. In the heavyweight main event, Sergei Kharitonov settled the score with Matt Mitrione, while contenders Vitaly Minakov and Alejandra Lara picked up fast finishes on the main card. On the preliminary portion of the show, Nick Newell and Ricky Bandejas scored first-round victories, plus Sabah Homasi recorded a 17-second knockout and Aviv Gozali authored one of the best submissions of 2019 with his 11-second heel hook of Eduard Muravitsky. Afficher l’article complet
  14. UFC, YouTube Watch Tony Ferguson vs. Ramsey Nijem full fight video to watch Ferguson win The Ultimate Fighter 13 welterweight tournament at The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale on June 4, 2011, in Las Vegas. Ferguson was 27 years old when he met Nijem in the TUF 13 finals after finishing all three of his previous opponents during the season. He didn’t disappoint in his first official UFC appearance, needing less than a round to land a KO blow and capture the TUF tournament crown. Since then, “El Cucuy” has defeated 14 of his last 15 opponents and is currently on a 12-fight winning streak. He is next scheduled to challenge unbeaten lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 249 on April 18. Afficher l’article complet
  15. Lyman Good | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting Lyman Good is doing everything he can to remain focused on UFC 249. With the world in a state of uncertainty, along with the unknowns surrounding the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Good is slated to face Belal Muhammad April 18 at a location to be determined. UFC President Dana White is insisting the event will move forward behind closed doors and that’s enough for Good to soldier on with his preparation. “In my mind, the fight is real and I’m preparing for April 18,” Good told MMA Fighting. “Nothing’s really changed other than taking precautions and necessary measures to ensure, not just my own safety, that I’m not getting into much contact with other people.” Understandably, many fighters in Good’s position would be concerned with finding where they will hold their next training session, let alone if the fight will actually take place. “Cyborg,” who will look to build upon his impressive third-round TKO finish of Chance Rencountre at UFC 244, has used this experience to learn a valuable lesson mentally. “This is an absolute test of supreme focus,” Good explained. “While all of this craziness is happening, it’s all about putting your blinders on, staying the course and doing what you still need to for something you’re not really certain is going to happen. “What we can control is the one thing we should be diligent about and focus most of your energy on. If I’m in control of my piece of mind, and the information I let in, I’m going to focus on that. “You can’t control the craziness of the world and everything that’s going on. Unfortunately, it is real and there is a pandemic that is happening. I hope everyone is safe and healthy, and that’s all anyone can ask for. The best things we can do is focus on the things we can control: no TV’s, no going on the internet and looking up all of this craziness, because a lot of this is people panicking.” A lot of fingers have been pointed at White and the UFC for attempting to move forward with UFC 249—as well as the rest of the calendar year—with the coronavirus continuing to take the world by storm. The 34-year-old Good is taking a more appreciative approach. “I do want to thank Dana White for doing his absolute best to try to make it happen,” Good stated. “At the end of the day, this is very difficult for us as fighters to put in the time, put in the camp in the midst of all this chaos. We’re still doing what we can to prepare, while also putting our health on the line. “I do want to thank him and the brass for really trying to make this happen for us because we really want to make this fight happen. I wholeheartedly want this to go through. I’ve been training very hard for it and I’m excited for it if we can still manage to get the card to happen without anyone getting sick or infected.” Good is in his 15th year as a professional fighter and throughout his career, he has experienced a lot. From wins and losses, to injuries, to being flagged by USADA for a tainted supplement for his originally scheduled bout with Muhammad at UFC 205, there’s not much that can throw the New York native off. “As a fighter, there’s already so many risks that we already take,” Good said. “There’s nothing really new to us if you think about it when it comes to the risk factor. “The other element of it is, as a professional that’s been doing this for a long time, you have to be able to roll with the punches and be flexible with the changes that might happen. They happen all the time. Sometimes a fighter doesn’t make weight, or gets injured, or you might have to relocate, so it kind of comes with the territory anyways. “For me, personally, I’m a New Yorker at heart. We’ve been through a lot of stuff and every day is craziness. I’m just tapping into that New York toughness and whatever happens, happens. It’s all up to the guy upstairs and I’m ready to travel wherever they send us to fight.” In a fight more than three years in the making, Good and Muhammad are scheduled to finally square off in a little over three weeks. Muhammad has won his last two fights—and six out of his last seven—heading into the welterweight bout and will make a strong case to crack the top-15 with a victory on April 18. Good believes he is among the division’s elite and aims to prove it when the matchup comes full circle. “It was a matter of time that we were going to fight,” Good said. “We were supposed to fight years ago so it’s been a very interesting loop that lead to today. “I think it’s a great matchup and every person that’s been put in front of me, it’s an opportunity for me to show the best version of myself and prove to the world that in the top-10 is where I belong. Belal Muhammad is just one person that’s stepping in my way.” Since making his Octagon debut in July 2015, Good has flip-flopped wins and losses—finishing all three of his victories via strikes. The ability to finish fights in devastating fashion is only one of the many intangibles, according to Good, that separates the two 170-pound competitors. “I think the first thing is power,” Good said. “Everyone associates me with power, but then there’s volume, along with the level of heart and intensity that I’m going to come out there with. “I feel very confident. Confidence has given me a lot of legroom in fights. When I’m confident, I do my absolute best and it’s created a version of me that I haven’t even tapped into yet. I’m going to go out there and show him the type of power that he’s never felt before, but I’m also ready for a long war.” It’s no secret that Good, and every other fighter scheduled to compete at UFC 249 and beyond, wants the event to move forward. Good will continue to prepare for his bout with Muhammad in hopes of improving his status in on of the UFC’s deepest divisions, along with putting money in the bank. In addition, Good feels that the event is something that can provide a sense of normalcy in a period where things are far from normal. “Another way to look at it is, we’re people going out there to help create a distraction with all the other craziness going on,” Good stated. “There’s not a lot of sports going on, if any, in the midst of this stillness. I think it will be kind of cool to have an event to watch and distract everybody from all of the negativity that’s going on. “I’m happy to provide that and I’m excited to go out there with all the other fighters and do that for everyone.” Afficher l’article complet

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