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  1. CALF SLICE FROM SINGLE LEG X BJHJ Technique // Luiza Monteiro is one of the top female competitors in the world. Luiza is know for having devastating ...
  2. BJJ Fanatics

    I Am A BJJ Fanatic: Gordon Ryan

    I AM A BJJ FANATICS: GORDON RYAN // Get inspired by this BJJ Motivation video about Jiu Jitsu legend, Gordon Ryan! This is another installment of our mini ...
  3. FAKE GUARD PULL TO ANKLE PICK // This BJJ Tips video explains the Fake Guard Pull to Ankle Pick technique. One of the best ways to get the takedown in ...
  4. Watch BJJ Brown belts compete in the first BJJ Fanatics LIVE BJJ Brown Belt Tournament. Gordon Ryan will be guest commentator for this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ...
  5. HALF GUARD BOTTOM THE ALIGNMENT ISSUE BY JOHN DANAHER // This BJJ Fundamentals video explains the alignment issue with bottom half guard.
  6. ESTIMA LOCK, SINGLE LEG X, TOE HOLD // This video teaches the BJJ Technique, Estima Single Leg X Toe Hold. The instructor, Braulio Estima, is a multiple ...
  7. BJJ Fanatics

    I'm A BJJ Fanatic: John Danaher

    This is another installment of our mini-doc series "I Am A BJJ Fanatic." "I Am A BJJ Fanatic" is a series of BJJ videos that covers many aspects of Brazilian Jiu ...
  8. BJJ Moves - ESTIMA LOCK KNEE BAR ATTACK BY BRAULIO ESTIMA // This video teaches the Estima Lock Knee Bar Attack BJJ Move. The instructor, Braulio ...
  9. BJJ Fanatics


  10. This BJJ Training Video is a DVD trailer for the new Kurt Osiander Jiu JItsu instructional series. BJJ Fanatics was started by a pair of black belts (Bernardo Faria ...
  11. OMOPLATA PENDULUM SWEEP BY THOMAS LISBOA // This video demonstrates, step by step how to do the Omoplata Pendulum Sweep Jui Jitsu technique.
  12. CROSS KNEE DEFENSE NEAR SHOULDER PRESSURE - BJJ TRaining // Xande Ribeiro is arguably the greatest BJJ competitor ever. He is a 7x black belt ...
  13. Superhold Defense Hip Switch Combo by Xande Ribeiro// This BJJ Training video shows Xande Ribeiro teaching the Superhold Defense Hip Switch Jiu Jitsu ...
  14. BJJ Fanatics

    Tarikoplata Finish by Tarik Hopstock

    TARIKOPLATA FINISH BY TARIK HOPSTOCK In this BJJ Trraining video, Tarik Hopstock demonstrates the Tarikoplata Finish Jiu Jitsu technique.
  15. LOOP CHOKE BY THOMAS LISBOA - BJJ Techniques // In this BJJ Techniques video, Thomas Lisboa demonstrates hot to do the Loop Choke Jiu Jiutsu move.

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