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  1. In this Jiu Jitsu Techniques video Romulo Barral explains the Inside Reverse De La Riva Hook Sweep. This is a very simple sweep from the reverse de la riva ...
  2. BJJ Fanatics

    Over Under Defense by Romulo Barral

    In this Jiu Jitsu Techniques video, Romulo Barral demonstrates the Over Under Defense. Here Romulo shows and AMAZING escape to the dreaded over/under ...
  3. BJJ Fanatics

    C Grips by Travis Stevens

    This Jiu Jitsu techniques video demonstrates C Grips by Travis Stevens. Travis is showing us how to utilize C Grips from the butterfly/open guard to create ...
  4. This is the official trailer for John Danaher's new instructional "Triangles Enter The System." John calls the triangle "the most versatile submission." To learn more ...
  5. BJJ Fanatics

    Cats Paw Guard by Travis Stevens

    In this Jiu Jitsu Techniques video, Travis Stevens explains and demonstrates the basics of being able to get strong grips from the closed guard and spider ...
  6. BJJ Fanatics

    Cross Collar Grip by Travis Stevens

    In this Jiu Jitsu Techniques video, Travis Stevens explains, in fine detail, how to properly achieve the cross collar grip and how to utilize it. The cross collar grip is ...
  7. BJJ Fanatics

    Wheeler Head Snap Down by Adam Wheeler

    This Jiu Jitsu Techniques video is off of his new instructional series "Upper Body Takedowns." Notice that Adam is able to create reactions based off of his initial ...
  8. BJJ Fanatics

    Basic Triangle Armbar Combo

    This Jiu Jitsu Basics video will demonstrate a basic triangle armbar combo. This is a fundamental arm bar and triangle combination that any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ...
  9. BJJ Fanatics

    Fake Scissor Sweep To Triangle

    Check out this awesome set up for a triangle choke. This is a great sequence to add to your drills! Grab the collar and sleeve. Open your legs and hip escape ...
  10. BJJ Fanatics

    Double Leg Takedown by Fabiano Scherner

    In this Jiu Jitsu Techniques video, Fabiano Schernerdemnstrates an efficient way to do a double leg takedown. Fabiano is not some freak athlete, he is over 40 ...
  11. In this Jiu Jitsu Techniques video, Fabiano Scherner demonstrates an advanced application of one of the most fundamental moves, the closed guard break.
  12. BJJ Fanatics

    Butterfly Half To X Guard Sweep

    Checkout this great Jiu Jitsu Technique, Half Butterfly to X Guard Sweep. The half butterfly is one of the most under utilized guards in bjj. It is a great way to slow ...
  13. BJJ Fanatics

    Knee Shield Guard Pass by Fabiano Scherner

    In this Jiu Jitsu Techniques video, Fabiano Sherner is demonstrating a knee shield guard pass. The knee shield can be one of the most frustrating guards to ...
  14. BJJ Fanatics

    Triangle Mechanics by John Danaher

    John Danaher explains the Jiu Jitsu Basics of Triangle Mechanics in this video. This is a technique off of his instructional series "Triangles: Enter The System.
  15. John Danaher demonstrates one of the best Jiu Jitsu Techniques for Entries Into Rear Triangle Back Position. Here John is showing some of his trademark ...

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