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  1. Victor Silverio explains what its like to train every day with world champion Romulo Barral and the lessons that the Gracie Barra legend has passed on to him.
  2. In this BJJ Podcast, Nicky Rodriguez (NickyRod) talks about the 2019 ADCC BJJ Competition. Nicky Rodriguez (NickyRod) is one of the top rising BJJ ...
  3. Gordon Ryan My Evolution Your Revolution BJJ Training TRAILER https://bjjfanatics.com This BJJ instructional video trailer is for Gordon Ryan's "My Evolution ...
  4. In this BJJ Podcast, Gordon Ryan discusses his 2019 ADCC BJJ Competition Double Gold Wins. Gordon Ryan is one of the most successful BJJ Competitors ...
  5. Stephen Whittier - FightTraining - Functional Striking Trailer https://bjjfanatics.com This MMA Instructional video trailer is for Stephen Whittier's "Functional ...
  6. Deep Half Choke to Reversal by Tom DeBlass // https://www.bjjfanatics.com In this BJJ Techniques video, Tom DeBlass explains Deep Half Choke Defense to ...
  7. GORDON RYAN vs VINICIUS GAZOLA ADCC MATCH BREAKDOWN BY GORDON RYAN // https://www.bjjfanatics.com In this BJJ training video, Gordon Ryan ...
  8. In this BJJ Training video, Gordon Ryan breaks down his 2019 ADCC BJJ fight with Tim Spriggs. Gordon Ryan is arguably the greatest no gi grappling competitor ever.  This year at ADCC he had a perfect performance by winning double gold in a dominant fashion. In his new instructional course "My Evolution Your Revolution" Gordon is going to break down every match he had frame by frame.  This is just a preview. BJJ Fanatics was started by a pair of black belts (Bernardo Faria & Michael Zenga) who feel that nothing is more important than improving your BJJ skills as much as possible in the least amount of time.  Their aim was to create a shop for BJJ Students who don’t look at BJJ as a sport – but as a lifestyle. 15% OFF On All Of Our BJJ Instructional Videos - Just Use The Coupon Code: FANATICSYOUTUBE Website: https://www.bjjfanatics.com  
  9. Go inside Atos HQ with Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa as he prepares for the BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix.
  10. Victor Silverio, the Gracie Barra black belt under Romulo Barral shows the depth of his game in these flow roll drills at Gracie Barra Northride.
  11. DEEP HALF ENTRY FROM KNEE SLICE BY TOM DEBLASS // https://www.bjjfanatics.com In this BJJ Techniques video, Tom Deblass explains the Deep Half ...
  12. Jeff Glover - BJJ Training - Closed Guard Go Further Faster Trailer https://bjjfanatics.com This BJJ instructional video trailer is for Jeff Glover's "Darce Choke" BJJ ...
  13. 10th Planet Master Eddie Bravo explains why he came up with the EBI rule set and exactly how they work.
  14. BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix competitor, Victor Silverio, shares his thoughts on the EBI ruleset and the open weight class at the upcoming event.
  15. BJJ Fanatics

    10 Rounds with Victor Silverio

    Get to know the Gracie Barra black belt and BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix competitor, Victor Silverio!

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