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  1. 50/50 ARM PASSING VERSUS SPIDER GUARD https://bjjfanatics.com Leo Vieira teaches 50/50 Arm Passing Versus Spider ...
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  4. BJJ Fanatics

    Dealing with the Rau by Craig Jones

    DEALING WITH THE RAU https://bjjfanatics.com Craig Jones teaches how to deal with the Rau in this Jiu Jitsu techniques video.
  5. BJJ Fanatics

    Toreando Pass by Kyle Sleeman

    TOREANDO PASS https://bjjfanatics.com Kyle Sleeman teaches how to do a Toreando Pass in this Jiu Jitsu techniques video.
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    Half Guard Wrist Lock by Andre Gomes

    HALF GUARD WRIST LOCK https://bjjfanatics.com In this Jiu Jitsu techniques video, Andrew Gomes teaches the Half Guard Wrist ...
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    Omoplata by Dinu Bucalet

    How to do an OMOPLATA https://bjjfanatics.com This Jiu JItsu techniques video shows how to do the Omoplata technique.
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    Boston Crab by John Danaher

    BOSTON CRAB https://bjjfanatics.com John Danaher teaches how to do the Boston Crab move in this BJJ Training video.
  10. BJJ Fanatics

    Body Lock Foot Post by Craig Jones

    BODY LOCK FOOT POST https://bjjfanatics.com Craig Jones teaches the Body Lock Foot Post in this BJJ Training video.
  11. BJJ Fanatics

    Hit 'Em With The Hips by Craig Jones

    HIT 'EM WITH THE HIPS https://bjjfanatics.com Craig Jones teaches how to Hit 'Em With The Hips in this Jiu Jitsu training video.
  12. HAND OVER WRIST FORCING OPPONENT INTO SIDE CONTROL https://bjjfanatics.com Roger Gracie teaches the Hand Over ...
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