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    Lena’s Wish: Fight Ryron & Rener!

    Make-A-Wish Foundation introduced us to Lena. She has been doing Gracie Bullyproof at home with her parents for several months and her wish was to fight ...
  2. As the "Acceptable Force Gap" continues to widen, so will the "Goodwill Gap" between police departments and the communities they serve. If anyone has a ...
  3. GracieBreakdown

    I'm Gonna Be on SHARK TANK!

    IT'S GOING DOWN!!! Rener Gracie will be pitching Quikflip Apparel on the SHARK TANK Season Finale, Sunday, May 12 at 10pm on ABC! Special thank to ...
  4. GracieBreakdown

    Jiu-jitsu vs. Substance Abuse!!!

    Another powerful way Jiu-jitsu changes lives! Need help with substance abuse? Contact Dr Mario at Contact@ContinuumClinics.com. Need help with healthy ...
  5. GracieBreakdown

    Amazing Gracies (TV Pilot Episode)

    Jiu-jitsu saves lives. Five years ago, we pitched a new reality show to a major TV network, they were so excited that they produced this pilot episode. Everyone at ...
  6. Sunday breakdown for two beautiful submission attempts from last nights war between Adesanya and Gastelum! http://www.GracieImmersionCamp.com - Join ...
  7. “I would never take my wife to that gym...”
  8. The iPhone Glitch That Can RUIN Your Relationship!
  9. Top CEOs Learn “Entrepreneur Jiu-Jitsu”
  10. Jesse San Luis is a police officer in Freemont, CA, and in this video shot at Gracie University HQ, he breaks down a recent incident in which he uses at least 7 ...
  11. GracieBreakdown

    The Gracie Breakdown Effect

    All it took was one Gracie Breakdown and Sam was ready to embark on the jiu-jitsu journey! What are you waiting for?
  12. This is it! Direct from Gracie University HQ, Ryron and Rener analyze the bulldog choke by Ben Askren, the amazing mount control of Kamaru Usman, and the ...
  13. We've partnered with San Diego Harley-Davidson to raffle off a BRAND NEW 2019 Black Denim Iron 883 and all proceeds go to the Brian Ortega Foundation!
  14. Shot live on location at the GST (Gracie Surivival Tactics) course for Law Enforcement at Gracie University HQ, Rener and Evandro analyze the RNC sublties in ...
  15. Travis Kauffman was running trails in Colorado on February 4, when a mountain lion attacked him. He fought the animal for several minutes before strangling it ...

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