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  1. GracieBreakdown

    Jiu-Jitsu Works PERFECTLY for Police Officer

    Jesse San Luis is a police officer in Freemont, CA, and in this video shot at Gracie University HQ, he breaks down a recent incident in which he uses at least 7 ...
  2. GracieBreakdown

    The Gracie Breakdown Effect

    All it took was one Gracie Breakdown and Sam was ready to embark on the jiu-jitsu journey! What are you waiting for?
  3. This is it! Direct from Gracie University HQ, Ryron and Rener analyze the bulldog choke by Ben Askren, the amazing mount control of Kamaru Usman, and the ...
  4. GracieBreakdown

    NEW 2019 Black Denim Iron 883 Harley for $20!

    We've partnered with San Diego Harley-Davidson to raffle off a BRAND NEW 2019 Black Denim Iron 883 and all proceeds go to the Brian Ortega Foundation!
  5. Shot live on location at the GST (Gracie Surivival Tactics) course for Law Enforcement at Gracie University HQ, Rener and Evandro analyze the RNC sublties in ...
  6. Travis Kauffman was running trails in Colorado on February 4, when a mountain lion attacked him. He fought the animal for several minutes before strangling it ...
  7. GracieBreakdown

    Happy Valentines Day from Rener and Eve

    Eve met Rener and jiu-jitsu on the same day, but she fell in love with jiu-jitsu first! Enjoy this candid conversation about love, life, and jiu-jitsu with you Valentine ...
  8. Ryron, Rener and Evandro discuss the current state of law enforcement training in the U.S. and the evolution of the GST (Gracie Survival Tactics) program over ...
  9. GracieBreakdown

    How to teach your wife ANYTHING!

    Most men who love jiu-jitsu, want the women in their life to learn the art, but they have NO CLUE how to teach and as a result they ruin it from the onset!
  10. There was only ONE rule in the shark cage, and Brian had to break it! Why take a regular vacation when you can take a jiu-jitsu vacation!?!? Enjoy this fun look ...
  11. GracieBreakdown

    Rener Gracie vs. 4 Korean Black Belts

    After an awesome super seminar at I had a chance to spar with the four black belts in attendance. I narrated it so you know what I ...
  12. This is an 8-minute "Slice" or variation from Lesson 4 of our new women's self-defense program, Women Empowered 2.0. The complete lesson is 62 minutes ...
  13. GracieBreakdown

    Jamal Update

    Jamal Update: We've been in communication with the attorney and he says the family has declined the opportunity to come to California for the ...
  14. Exactly 11 years ago, I met Eve Torres. She came in for her first jiu-jitsu class, and it's safe to say she signed up, for life! (still not sure whether fell in love with me ...
  15. GracieBreakdown

    Rookie Jiu-Jitsu Cop for the Win!

    Officer Jared Tipton (Kansas City PD) has less 1 year on the job, but with his jiu-jitsu training, he controlled the suspect with unprecedented composure.

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