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    2 Officers vs 1 Suspect

    Until an officer is trained and effective independently, they cannot be effectively interdependent. We teach a highly effective two-man takedown strategy in GST ...
  2. Whether you're training at Gracie University Headquarters or at any of our Certified Training Centers around the world, there are three things you can expect ...
  3. Ryron and Rener go at it for over 10 minutes on the deck at the the Jiu-jitsu Hotel (Hard Rock Hotel in the Maldives). Enjoy! For new sparring videos and Gracie ...
  4. GracieBreakdown

    NASTY D’Arce Detail in Orlando!

    When the opponent gets the underhook, you tie the rope. When the opponent uses the underhook to defend the D'Arce, use the nasty arm lock to change his ...
  5. Ryron and Rener Gracie answer the 10 most common questions asked by new students prior to their first BJJ class: 1) What's the difference between jiu-jitsu and ...
  6. GracieBreakdown


    For some reason NYPD remains one of the few large metro departments that is NOT providing GST to all of its officers. Even though everyone survived this ...
  7. Ryron and I are on vacation in the Maldives, and we couldn't resist sharing this gold nugget! The Hard Rock Hotel is the first 5-Star jiu-jitsu resort in the world!
  8. GracieBreakdown

    BJJ Black Belt Street Fight!

    WARNING: Graphic language and perfect technique! One of our GST graduates sent this to me: “BJJ black belt, friend of mine. After the subject on narcotics ...
  9. GracieBreakdown

    350 Students as a BLUE BELT!

    In the beginning, martial arts masters said "jiu-jitsu doesn't work on us." Today, every professional fighter does jiu-jitsu. Then, BJJ masters said "learning online ...
  10. GracieBreakdown

    Shocking Police Encounter

    Viewer discretion advised. You might shed a happy tear. Cop gets called to a disturbance at the DMV office. He discovers that the only trouble is that a woman is ...
  11. If you've ever locked yourself in a small metal box with absolute strangers, you'll wanna watch this. _ Free 2.5-hour Women's Self-Defense Seminar on Saturday, ...
  12. GracieBreakdown

    110lbs vs 190lbs (Triangle Finish)

    His son started training Gracie Jiu-Jitsu a few years ago after getting bullied in 6th grade. Recently he was attacked by a much larger opponent and the ...
  13. GracieBreakdown

    BJJ vs 325 lbs - Would it work?

    Everyone who doesn't jiu-jitsu has the same question: “Would jiu-jitsu work on someone this big?” _ Everyone who does jiu-jitsu has the same answer: “Yes.
  14. GracieBreakdown


    FINALLY! We've reached the critical tipping point in BJJ's history where the Black Friday fights at Target are contested between two jiu-jitsu practitioners from the ...
  15. In 1996, a 35-year old man came into the Gracie Academy to challenge the instructors. He got to choose his opponent. Instead of choosing one of the adults, ...

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