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  2. These are just some clips that go to new members but i think it has some good mindset ideas for anyone.
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  4. The Peruvian Necktie strangulation technique will make your opponent helpless. Helpless as you descend upon them with all of your choking potential, like the ...
  5. Episode 19 with @freakahhzoid is now available. This episode is sponsored by @vhts.europe. It's a difficult episode to recap because the conversation was all ...
  6. save your body from the wear and tear of jiujitsu - sign up to https://www.yogaforbjj.net/ to take the steps necessary to keeping the machine running. Use coupon ...
  7. This move was invented by James Kelly of Iowa prior to 2010 You can learn more hidden moves and secret sanctions from me at https://keenanonline.com/
  8. This is part of the full Leglock course found right here on https://keenanonline.com/courses/leglock-course/
  9. https://keenanonline.com/

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