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  1. part 1 of a 4 part wirst locking lesson that can be found on https://keenanonline.com/ ➢ Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/KeenanCorneli... ➢ Instagram ...
  2. part 1 of a 4 part private lesson that can be found on keenanonline.com. ➢ Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/KeenanCorneli... ➢ Instagram ...
  3. the final segment to a 3 part triangle defense sequence found on https://keenanonline.com/ Dont bother with other triangle escapes, they do not work. This one ...
  4. Keenan Cornelius

    worm dvd delay

  5. A Keenanonline.com brainstorm and info sharing session. With a few cool and highly illegal chokeholds and bottle necks.
  6. The most powerful choke against a prone opponent. Use these DANGEROUS TECHNIQUES in only a controlled training environment with training partners who ...
  7. He was once known as lapel guards fearless leader. Now we realize we have been following a moron. The lapel encyclopedia is available now. Grab your copy ...
  8. A brief glimpse into one of 9 chapters of the Upcoming Lapel Encyclopedia. 9 hours of content, get your copy tomorrow 2/11/2019 at https://lapelguard.com/
  9. "This is it. My masterwork. Over the last 7 years I've been working on lapel based guards that the world had never seen before. Each one has helped me find ...
  10. One of the key concepts on the brand new Lapel Encyclopedia is the Intermediary control. Get the best instruction and highest quality bjj instructional ever ...
  11. you may think this is a feat of cardio and endurance, but really the key to marathon like endurance while rolling is having hyper efficient technique. The likes of ...
  12. Plus de 15min de conseils par Keenan Cornelius pour bien défendre les clés de jambe. Vous pouvez trouver ses conseils et bien d'autres encore sur sur son site : www.keenanonline.com.
  13. Keenan Cornelius

    My latest project is almost ready.

    2019 is going to start off with a bang. Never before has a jiu jitsu scholar shared so much. Learn what this mystery development is at: ...
  14. Keenan Cornelius

    Berimbolo Doesn't Work!

    The berimbolo is dead so dont bother learning it. just watch this video and learn the defenses and you will be set on all berimbolo related techniques for the rest ...

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